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General Beijing: Spy of 320 foreign countries exposes identity Russia to prepare to answer a challenge in Russia this year

According to Russia website will report on December 20 now, foreign information orgnaization is strengthening the espial in Russia churchyard gradually. Beijing of Russian president general emphasizes, this country has gotten ready answer a challenge. General Beijing expresses, russia. . .

2015-12-20 19:16 origin: ? Blame Nao?
Er of Russia bend over adds case to strap one dweller building to produce explosion to have casualty

According to Russian TASS cite Russia Fu Er adds case to strap place to execute the law now orgnaization message, muscovite time now 11: Er of 50 bend over adds case to strap building of one place dweller to produce explosion, incident causes casualty, but particular case of short duration is unspecified. The message says. . .

2015-12-20 19:10 origin: ? Heir Lian?
Aesthetic school decorates Mohammedan exercise to offend parent be furious to send entire county suspend class

The horror that faces hair of near future frequency makes a surprise attack, each national capital raises vigilance, in order to ensure safety does not have anxiety. Nevertheless, had you heard an exercise brings about entire county suspend class? Recently, the United States nots auspicious Ni Yazhou Aogusida county (Augusta. . .

2015-12-20 17:07 origin: ? Fie of Juan scald in order to remove hairs or feathers?
Vietnam police is destroyed especially big poisonous net often is peddled more in crossing 30 people are sentenced capital punishment

According to Xin Huaguo border client carries understanding, vietnam police expressed a few days ago, the special blow that passes 3 ye

ars of many time and of a series of relevant cases that peddle poison uncover, an especially big network peddling poison that crosses Vietnam, China and Laos the Three Kingdoms has been destroyed thoroughly, mutual. . .

2015-12-20 16:43 origin: ? Salary  ?
Indonesian boat is difficult 23 people are rescued 90 much people break couplet to already affirmed 2 children die

A ship that holds 118 people is in Indonesia 19 days this country the island adds Su Lawei of the eastpart part on the west coastal waters region, experience boat is difficult issue signal of ask for help, the personnel that rescue rescues 23 people 20 days already, scoop up catch two child dead body, because spot storm is great, look of the work that rescue. . .

2015-12-20 16:42 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
To turn over of Thailand travel bus tracks: Preaccident brake occurrence problem

JS100 of stage of electrify of the diplomatic relation that occupy extreme is newest report, at present peaceful crosses number of death of bus to turn over to add 12 people, among them 8 females, 4 males. Get hurt personnel sends a hospital cure entirely. It is reported, before to turn over, the brake of the car appears problem, . . .

2015-12-20 16:34 origin: ? Be not north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome?
Korea the face-lifting inside a year exceeds 3 sisters 100 times to have a meal money also is saved below (graph)

In the program of X-file of Korea TvN Martian, 3 a year in 3 sisters sister causes the face-lifting that face-lifting frequency exceeds 100 times heat discusses: 3 2 a Li Zhuyan, Sun Yongxi, Sunbao are pulled, especially the face-lifting of this 3 people. . .

2015-12-20 16:19 origin: ?  Bi?
The United States will tighten up visa act to hold citizenship of middle east part to will avoid a label no longer

In report will occupy new network on December 20 outside intermediary reports 20 days, american ginseng is numerous two courtyards already passed the bill that tightens up visa, await presidential Aobama to sign become effective only now. The report says, french Paris interlink happened to fear raiding in the near future with American California gun. . .

2015-12-20 16:13 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
India " black public transportation " the gang-rape case makes serve a sentence 3 years get-off causes controversy panic

Indian Xin Deli is black 2012 public transportation a convict general that rapes terminal case by turns this month full get-off of 20 days of punishment, controversy and panic are caused in Indian society. Although Indian government suspects this man still constitutes menace to the society, search. . .

2015-12-20 16:13 origin: ? Salary  ?
2016 money of Japanese year budget of budgetary innovation tall defense defeats 5 trillion yen to close greatly

In new network report will report 19 days according to Japanese media on December 20, japanese government 2016 money year average budget amount predicts original budget proposal in 96.7 trillion to 96.8 trillion yen (add up to a RMB about 5.17 trillion yuan) between, undertaking be adjustmented finally at present. . .

2015-12-20 16:11 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
QS releases list of a list of names posted up of ability of global college obtain employment: Stanford the first Tsinghua the 9th

According to " defend a newspaper " report, QS of expert of data of British higher education (Quacquarelli Symonds) according to different college the collaboration between they and the fame between employer, enterprise concerns, the element such as the graduation outlet of this school student, inspected each. . .

2015-12-20 16:02 origin: ? Huge rock of dazzle blade contraction?
Indonesian the crash when opportunity for combat of a T50 is performed 2 air man die at his post

Jakarta of China News Service report is Indonesian on December 20 the one crash in wearing T50 opportunity for combat 20 days to be performed in aviation in the morning, 2 air man die at his post on the spot. Newspaper of local media compass is online 20 days of reports say, that day in the morning 9:53, indonesian opportunity for combat of a T50. . .

2015-12-20 15:57 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Indonesian heavy boat already had 23 people to be rescued to already affirmed 2 children die at present


l report on December 20 according to Afp, indonesian heavy boat has rescued 23 people at present, already 2 children confirm death. Accordingly before media coverage, the member that the person is shared on passenger ship 118, among them children 19 people.

2015-12-20 15:17 origin: ? Be not north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome?
Latest news of to turn over of Thailand travel bus: Cause death of 11 China tourist

According to coverage of network of news of Thailand peaceful Le, local time on December 20 midday 12 when 20 minutes, a bus car that carries 22 China tourist is stridden in Qing Dynasty - clear Lai a section of a highway produces an accident, cause death of 11 China tourist at present, 11 people are injured. Accident scene this. . .

2015-12-20 15:17 origin: ? Be not north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome?
Han intermediary: Korea elect by ballot 2015 year are phrasal " fatuity is not had " be elected

According to Han Lian the company will report on December 20, korea weekly " professor news " a findings that releases 20 days shows, fatuity is not had become Korea 2015 year 4 words are phrasal. Fatuity is not had point to social politics more. . .

2015-12-20 15:10 origin: ? Blame Nao?
Thailand carries picture of spot of Chinese bus to turn over to be being carried out come to help

Already caused 10 more than person to die, much person is injured, local rescuing team is being carried out come to help

2015-12-20 15:07 origin: ? Does Long have contraction?
Thailand carries Chinese bus to turn over: Already died to 10 more than person much person is injured

According to peaceful intermediary report, local time 11:3 of 20 meridian midday0 the left and right sides, a bus that holds Chinese visitor produces accident of to turn over as a result of brake malfunction. Already caused 10 more than person to die, much person is injured, local rescuing team is being carried out come to help. China is stationed in Qing Dynasty to stride get. . .

2015-12-20 15:05 origin: ? Does Long have contraction?
The personal casualty before because traffic accident reverses downhill order,Thailand Qing Dynasty strides Chinese bus is unidentified

According to report of Thailand top news, one will carry the travel bus of Chinese tourist on December 20, on Qingmai's a mountainous area highway, with a car barge against hind breaks up to go downhill. At present relevant personnel is undertaking rescue, casualties is unidentified.

2015-12-20 14:36 origin: ? Be not north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome?
Malaysia already was searched by hostage of staking foreign citizen of Chinese origin by behead police obtain a head

In new network on December 20 report According to Singapore " associated morning paper " report, overall length of police of Malaysia whole nation blocks Liabubaka to express, in Philippine south Su Lu saves provincial capital and Lu Zhen to search obtained head last month, through (of deoxidization ribonucleic acid. . .

2015-12-20 13:15 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Recurrent pop and explosive raid while cause Somalia capital much person casualty

The Luo Bi inside xinhua net on December 19 report Ma Jiadi sanded message: Somalia police and eyewitness say, sanded downtown of Somalia capital Ma Jiadi produces pop and assault of suicidal type bomb on a busy road 19 days, already brought about two people to die, 1. . .

2015-12-20 13:03 origin: ? Does salary   calumny osmund?


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