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Iraq chooses beautiful result: 20 years old of beautiful beautiful because warlike influence is interrupted,pick a coronal 40 old

Login register Iraq of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to choose beautiful result: 20 years old of beautiful beautiful because warlike influence interrupts: of 40 old origin,pick a coronal? This ┏ collate?2015-12-21 08:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http:// channel

Iraq is held 19 days 40 come for years first Iraqi young lady picks beautiful game, the Shayimaabodule that is 20 years old - Laheman (if pursue) pick laurel, hopeful attends the final of round-the-world young lady of next year on behalf of Iraq. If place of a personage says, the country in scar of this warworn, punish and religious sect conflict, this not grand activity lets people feel, it is normal that the life can be returned to.

Move outfit characteristic skirt has wanted knee final of young lady of Iraq of not beautiful swimsuit in capital Bagdad the ballroom of a hotel is held, 8 players wear high-heeled shoes, wear late outfit to appear. Late outfit can not have sleeve, but cross genu entirely. The match does not establish swimsuit link.

Shayima shows itself finally. She what raise green jade key point high comes from multiracial mix the northern city of house Jierku

ke. This one result appears very the expectation that accords with spot audience, especially finally a few those wear the tight sports jacket, boys that are taking beard, flat station arrived on the chair, call out is worn Shayima's name.

Shayima drapes champion ribbon, hold bouquet, got used to oneself new role very quickly, face all sorts of queries, respondent if flow, maintain a smile from beginning to end. I am very glad to see Iraq is going ahead, the Shayima that is surrounded by the enthusiastic audience of requirement group photo tells Afp the reporter, this activity force is very large, let Iraqi show smiling face.

Reveal eloquence to long for foster cordial relations between countries Masuer large dams

Photograph comparing is various go beautiful, the match more that day gave a player to reveal the opportunity of eloquence. Beautiful beautiful people the good hope that expresses oneself in succession.

Shayima says in the match, if she wins victory, prompt the capacity that uses Iraqi young lady educational proposal, the people that lets those because of conflict become destitute and homeless especially gets getting educational chance.

A player says, she hopes to foster cordial relations between states Masuer large dams, because it is minatory whole country. This Iraq is the biggest the problem of dam gene housing materials of dam and existence risk, earnestly needs to repair, the it is the most dangerous to ever was called by U.S. Army engineer dam on the world.

With likeness of the of all kinds match that choose the United States, a week before finals, contest victim does to just organize 8 players to enter activity of much field commonweal, include to visit Bagdad camp of a refugee.

On activities of 17 days of a forest around relics of ancient Babylonian city, mill of A of susan of player of heart a group of things with common features says library Er of 22 years old, to Iraqi character, this field choosing beauty can be to attract eyeball not just. This is I play this kind of game for the

first time, but the person that I hope to make a person that kiss all previous and testimony, she says, I think Iraq needs such activity.


Joyous song laughs inside field of ball cartridge of gun of the carry on one's shoulder outside field language

The match is designed according to international standard, besides field the doorway holds the guard of assault musket, let a person not be aware giving this is almost in Iraq, one is organized by the extreme the country that the problem such as contradiction of Mohammedan country, denomination, corruption is perplexing.

Nevertheless, accompanying Beethoven " happy eulogy " , the organizer announces match result, player, commissioner, honored guest and full-court audience are enmeshed in joy, what chaos caused by war brings is depressed it seems that also by clear off.

Some people feel we do not have deep love for the life outside, humamuaobeidi says one of organizers. I think this one activity is very strong, let everybody feel, it is normal that everything can reply. Public figure of woman right sports breaths out graceful Aidewaer to say.


An Iraqi young lady was born 1972

Iraq plays game of round-the-world young lady last time was 1972, the country with this resourceful at that time oil is taking uphill road. On Internet one paragraph of old video presentation, on the final that holds in Puerto Rico, fourth Sulaiman builds the Weijiedanbuerhan of Iraqi young lady at that time the platoon is between India and Irish player introduce myself.

The Kamaile austral Sa of finals art chief inspector expresses, expect Shayima this 40 old the new Iraq young lady after becomes the amicability ambassador that represents Iraq in the world. Kamaile will organize Iraq last year in March first fashionable dress is beautiful. He says: We hope to let the world hear Iraqi voice, reveal to the world, iraq still is full of vigor, its heart still beats in effectively.

(original title: Iraq 40 old hind reelection is beautiful (graph) )

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