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Wu Kelan's girl is freewill and free " care " soldier girls with the price clearly marked mark a price (graph)

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The cut of homepage of Wu Kelan horsewoman that announces on Russia website pursues

The homepage offers up a sacrifice the girl that pick

The battle of Russian black still is in refuse to budge, in Wukelan, everything for front! Everything becomes a little barpque however for triumphal catchword. When boys hurry off to front to struggle for the motherland, wu Kelan's girl is unwilling also give the impression of weakness, the means expression with oneself is patriotic the house that builds patriot love for Wu Kelan's soldier.

Website of Russia Vesti TV station will report on December 10, a few days ago, gregarious network VK (note: Russia Wu Kelan and alone one of gregarious media with the largest force of couplet body area) on appeared a communal homepage that the name is Wu Kelan horsewoman, the organization of this pers

on that say Sex is freewill again is the Wu Kelan's soldier that Wudubasi is in Russia fights on battlefield to provide a service, the soldier needs to pay ten dollars only, can enjoy the care of Wu Kelan's girl.

Founding communal homepage is to give the Wu Kelan's soldier that fights in dispute area to provide a help, homepage administrator is written, our service: The soldier appoints the girl that he likes on the webpage, the girl sends food, dress and military supplies things to this soldier hand personally. Service time limit is one day and night.

The organizer still emphasizes, the girl on the webpage is not to be engaged in walking the street activity, the care that they provide for the soldier builds the premise that agrees in both sides.

Attention! The girl has sex without obligation and you, because this is the choice of themselves, should give respect! All services are free, this is not to walk the street! Our girl provides his care for arms of controversy area taxi of one's own accord! The price that tags below the photograph is travelling expenses and other expenditure.

For the girl that pick plain code marks a price in article column

To satisfy soldiers' distinct preference, the soldier needs to enter article column, pick girl of oneself free sexual love according to the photograph, their price differs from 10-30 dollar. Although the organizer says what how much distance far and near costs and decide to the price is a basis, but can see, the price that is two girls that come from a place together differs somewhat however. In pursueing than as above, be to come from Wukelanhaerkefu together the girl of the area, of Yi La mark a price for accept of the husband in 400 case (about 17 dollars) , and let graceful Sai Jia provide care, require pay of the husband in 250 case only (about 10 dollars) .

This homepage has been shut now

According to observer net check, at present this homepage be

cause involve,had offerred a gender to serve to be shut.

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