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Government of Syria of Russia air attack army position? Official of department of defense is denied

China News Service is Muscovite on December 9 report local time 9 days, official of Russia department of defense shows, government of the Syria before this army position is not Russian army place to be by air attack. Russia does not need to build new air base in appraise.

According to report of Russian satellite news service, this month government of 6 days of Syria army the one place camping ground of 168 brigade suffers the 7th division air attack. Air attack causes 4 people death, 12 people are injured and many dogface chariot is destroyed. Appraise government army the prime criminal that criticises the air force of the League of Nations of American dominant is this air attack.

But subsequently delegate of the League of Nations denied this one information. Western media coverage says, this air attack is place of Russian army opportunity for combat is.

To this, kenashenkefu of spokesman of Russian department of defense was opposite in Moscow that day media expresses, in appraise government army by air attack when, there is flight of Russian army opportunity for combat near air attack ground. Russia just is in appraise is all flight with appraise governmental army always joins ministry sky to run a department harmonious.

Kenashenkefu says, russian root occupies the relevant memorandum that signs with the United States, already informed Russian army of in time the time that flies in appraise, information such as height and course to air force. American field is very clear to this.

Kenashenkefu says, at that time appraise government army by air attack area in the sky the battleplan that has the League of Nations with American dominant is flying. If they did not participate in this air attack, why didn't the United States just publish record of this one flight?

Kenashenkefu says, cause trouble of this one incident person will be made a thorough investigation of very quickly. The ammo type that needs to await appraise government to announce air attack place to use only and findings can.

In addition, kenashenkefu still denied Russia to will build the story of new air base in Syria that day. He says, russia does not need to build new air base in appraise. Because Russian opportunity for combat flies to Syria from current air base,farthermost border land needs only 30 to 40 minutes.

By this year September, requirement of Ying Xuzheng government office begins Russia to organize Mohammedan country to appraise churchyard extreme the target carries out air attack. Be in what horror of appraise churchyard air attack organiz

es to still have the air man of the League of Nations with American dominant at the same time. Before this, both sides already signed memorandum and have practice, produce clash in order to arrest bilateral air man.

Russia department of defense

released statement to say that day, russia enhanced the blow strength that organizes to appraise churchyard extreme since December 5. In 4 days of in the past, plant of camp of 21 library of 43 70 command post that Russian air force smashs Mohammedan state in all, weapons, training, 6 ammunitions and 6 oil target. (Reporter Wang Xiujun)


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