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Norwegian government plans to break money to send the refugee: Give free and one-way airline ticket and ready money

Face the refugee that come in great numbers according to report of Xinhua News Agency, norwegian government had new the way to deal with a situation it seems that: Break money to send. According to Norwegian media coverage, if one applies for 4 when take refugee home to leave this country of one's own accord, can get free and one-way airline ticket not only, still can get amount to Ke

Lang of 80 thousand Norway (add up to 9400 dollars about) cash.

Chief of branch of repatriate of Norwegian immigration office blocks the court of a feudal ruler to block Hateman 7 days to ac

cept broadcasting station of Norwegian country broadcast to interview, refer refugee problem.

Ha Teman says, the closest period of time, the refugee that comes from Syria, Iraq and North Africa country in great quantities swarms into European Union country, person of wh some of which heads for Norway then, send hope Norwegian government can take care of them to be able to give them the job even. But in fact, process of status of application Norway refugee is very lengthy, need a few months is as long as even several years of time.

According to Hateman's view, those who come from Somalia to wait for national calamity civilian pay close attention to to find a place for all the time since Norway is long-term problem, and the new move that pays cash to send the refugee also may let these refugees be benefited.

Arrange of this with one action appears be successful. Data of statistic of Norwegian immigration office shows, at present already more than 900 people receive the subsidy that comes from Norwegian government, leave Norway to go back to the motherland.

Fandeaersite says Yost of spokesman of international immigrant organization, to Norwegian government explain the refugee amount that receives this one allowance is shown increase a current. This year the beginning of the year, every months explain amount of the person that get is 100, add to October reach 150, will achieve 230 in November. Norwegian police estimates, this year before the end of the year, the person that refugee status applies for toward this country before will amount to 65 thousand person.

(original title: Norwegian government breaks money to send the refugee)


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