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Burkina Faso hotel encounters a 126 celebrity to be rescued character 3 charger are shot dead

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In report occupied new network on January 16 outside intermediary reports 16 days, interior minister weighs Burkina Faso, at present already 126 hostage escape from inside the capital hotel that makes a surprise attack by terrorist, 3 terrorist are shot dead.

Local time 15 days of evening, african country Burkina Faso (tile of Burkina Faso) capital adds Du Gu a hotel is raided. There is a message to say before this, there is about a hundred person in the hotel. CCTV message says, fear raiding already caused death of at least 30 people.

Burkina Faso official shows before this, at present this country installs whole group to be below the assistance of army of French special type, spreading out with terrorist fight.

Eyewitness says to see two cars bomb blasts in hotel periphery, count a gunman to enter hotel interior ever since.

According to media the report before this, the spot produces explosion for many times to reach come out report of a gun, spot eyewitness says to have at least several civilian death. France is stationed in local embassy to say incident is horrible assault, the appeal is far from this area in French citizen of place. Base organization announces to be in charge of to incident in organization of a branch.

Base of the cloth in Mohammedan Ma Ge organizes branch of base organization Africa (AQIM) has alleged responsible to incident.

Assault incident happens in 15 days of evening, raid a hotel to add the Splendid Hotel of hotel of 4 stars class of Du Gu downtown to be located in tile, have 4 147 tall, rooms. Amount to 6 unconscious face men that support instrument to pa

rticipate in assault. Periphery has on fire of many 10 car to burn. Authorities dispatchs large quantities of polices, soldier and helicopter drive the spot to reinforce, as intense as charger fight.

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