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Mexican jail will change prison house to prevent poisonous ambitious Gu Ciman randomly again escape from prison

Comprehensive report occupies round-the-world net " defend a newspaper " reported on January 13, guciman is in the Qiao Kuien of big poisonous ambitious with the most notorious Mexico last year after escape from prison, was seized by police again recently. To prevent the 3rd his escape from prison, mexican jail raised safe vigilance, plan to undertake locking up alone to its, and still can change prison house randomly.

Before 6 months, the subterranean channel that Gucimantong crosses 1.5 kilometers succeeds from the jail with highest safety factor of so-called Mexico confederacy escape from prison. Recently, gu Ciman disclosed his track when accepting a star to interview, mexican police dispatchs 8 days arrested him, undertake locking up alone to him.

Mexican government spokesman says, mexican jail took the step that enhances sec

urity, the convict measure that includes to decrease to lock up together among them, photograph monitoring fourfold like what increase to before, can transfer Guciman randomly. Local media coverage says, jail prison house has been photographed of electronic sensor and closed-circuit television like the head, come with meshy reinforcing steel bar aggrandizement floor, prevent convict to run away through channel.

Local time 10 days, of Mexican government a lot of curule, included national safety assistant director and confederative police chief to check safe preventive measure. National safety commission says, the safety of the jail accords with international standard completely. A Home Office official that has visited a prison for many times shows, the biggest question is all staff members of jail of very easy like such character such as Guciman bribe. It is reporte

d, mexican government detained about 24 convict that ever assisted Gu Ciman escape from prison in all, include a jail before case is long.

(original title: Mexican jail will change prison house to prevent poisonous ambitious Gu Ciman randomly again escape from prison)


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