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Unscramble sand spy Iran to broke off a friendship to give a big difficult problem to China? (graph)

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to unscramble sand spy Iran to broke off a friendship to give a big difficult problem to China? (graph) origin: ? ?2016-01-05 08:5 of Jing of M of ê of heir Pan feltEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http:// channel [summary] the middle east that is not short of play to look, in Syria and ISIS topic just heat drops do not have a few days, performed new one act again.

Recrudesce of middle east disturbance.

Nimier, this religious head that dropped a head is sand spy person, arab. But use the most high-key door,protest him dead is Iranian from top leader Hameineiyi, to the remonstrant that ignited sand to be stationed in blaze of Iranian diplomacy orgnaization especially, it is Iranian.

This one fire, let long-term since look each other not the Iran with ceaseless attrition of pleasing to the eye, size and sand are special eventually pace our A the follow with oil price, begin fusing. Announce to break off foreign relations with Iran especially dene, and be opposite leave a country of Iranian diplomat deadline.

After close therewith, iranian victims, those suffer heavy casualities in Yemen a few states that change halberd heavy sand are about the same also Bahrain broke off foreign relations with Iran immediately, sudan synchronism bundle off Iranian ambassador; is in business the A couplet chief of a tribe that has came be an upright person leave a gleam of, in the future good meet, just reduce the diplomatic level with Iran, do not know to staying to regard what business as the opportunity.

Do not be short of the middle east that play sees, in Syria and ISIS topic just heat drops do not have a few days, performed new one act again.


Generally speaking, in international relation and diplomacy, protest hits saliva to battle very common, break off foreign relations not common. Because concerned to be broken, the possibility that means amount of channel have trade relations was compressed the smallest. If these two countries are geographical be apart is very far, not other more interest conflict, perhaps heretoed. But sand spy and Iran are lying between a Persian Gulf merely, cent hold Mohammedan two big dispute unceasingly sectarian Niu Er, it is oil output big country likewise, earn oil dollar dark battle for how again and again. More important is, bilateral agent even this honour be in a few battlefield are enthusiastic fight closely is current the circumstance is, the procuratorial Hu Saiwu that taking one ticket brother to follow Iran in Yemen especially dene is installed hit extremely; and on Syrian battlefield, picked revolution armed escort of Iran and the opposition that support especially dene also bloody battle is counted year.

So, come so, they two can be you hit directly? Before paragraph time, organized to include Benin even especially dene such country inside fear alliance instead, just draw Iran, Iraq and Syria outside the circle. See this one move again later today, be afraid such concern is not suffer from imaginary fears completely. If they

are hit, the bright that fuel of a few days does not have to depreciate did we just enjoy to you can stop abruptly?


Cherish will go to what gas station can encounter day price oil tomorrow extremely fear (our oil price is break toward low Li Rong oh) , again fine think of the ground to go to deep in gather up, you can discover, the dispute between sand spy and Iran, not only the necessary show share that agitate closed wrestle of politics of fringe of ground of big country of antagonism of contradiction of religious sect dispute, nation, economy, backside to wait contemporary chaos bureau a moment, adscititious still upgrade bag: The history is long.

In fact, from more than 1000 years before, arabia breaths out empire of li of Shan of hair conquer Sa the 2nd times (Gu Yilang) begin, the germ that the nation conflicts was buried to fall. Archaic Persia language by fierce slaughter embedded history, later hundreds of years, even if is the Iranian with Mohammedan conversion, still also be worn by Yan Ke's suppress, position and burro and dog are about the same, non-privileged even with the Arab side-by-side and stand or walk side by side.

Arrived recent acting 1980, iran is Mohammedan after revolution the output revolution of do sth on a large scale, drew on a disaster of war finally. This among them, the credit with special sand also cannot be looked down upon.

Till 2011, criticising Iran exports revolution especially dene. In sand spy external on policy and international relation seminar, the deputy diplomacy chancellery that sand spy holds the post of when pursues Er radical infante criticises Iran dallies with religious clique to fasten this piece of card, to Arabia the country exports revolution, try to turn Bahrain into a Mohammedan republic. The remonstrant activity that because sanded outstanding arms helped the Bahrain imperial court that abdicate Buddhist nun sends suppress assorted leaf,sends, bring about its are stationed in Iranian diplomacy orgnaization to suffer attack (also be fitly suffer attack this) be related, this infante wants to break off foreign relations with Iran too with respect to menace at that time.

So many new and old hatred adds in, can you make double hero of this middle east final come a battlefield contend for sharp edge? The answer is, basic won't. Dozens small small be troubled by, the business that allows world people attention perhaps can have, wind and cloud removes what the land of country moves to roughhouse, it is impossible.

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