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Beautiful Boston singles out chairwoman of first foreign citizen of Chinese origin is this the 3rd chairwoman

In report occupied new network on January 5 pioneer of Boston of cite of American Chinese net signs up for a report, bostonian city parliament president of city of 4 days of ballot, first foreign citizen of Chinese origin of this city is aldermanic put down (Michelle Wu) is elected successfully, become Boston history on first inferior descendants prolocutor, also be first colour female that holds the position of this important post at the same time, also be this the 3rd chairwoman.

put down publishing an inaugural speech to mention his to will devote oneself to to solve income inequality, the reform of criminal judica

tory system, improvement is taught opportunity and should change to climate. put down express, be in the phase of historical imparity currently, the lack of good luck has brought about Bostonian bright become divided. It is just about under this kind of setting, the job of municipal government appears than allowing when to be awaited before important.

4 days of early in the morning, bostonian city parliament holds inaugural ceremony in hall of Er of local law accept. Walsh says Bostonian mayor Martin, to Boston today is a exciting day, city parliament infuse new blood, also have rich experience at the same time. Walsh says, boston is a city that is in ascendant phase, won't look backward forever.

As the daughter with emigrant foreign citizen of Chinese origin, put down Yuhafo is read to Boston more than 10 years ago university, began to enter into an election contest 2013 the position of city parliament hospital, successful ascend body becomes Boston the

2nd inferior descendants is aldermanic. put down Ceng Ren hemp saves confederative senatorial Wo Lun (Elizabeth Warren) enters into an election contest a of the group.

She ever initiated the experience of dining-room of tea of one wife and children in Chicago, make her special pay close attention to Xiaoshang course of study, education and be good at protect; During Bostonian mayor office work, she helps the directory that made business charter of cafeteria of the first application, more the development that drove Bostonian dining car. The adviser that attends the thought that enter into an election contest to basically come from her - Wo Lun of senator of federal of district of city of chief female hemp. At present Bostonian female scale already was passed half, and in city seat of government only assemblyman of a female, female identity was become put down the one big key in entering into an election contest.

(original title: American Boston singles out chairwoman of first foreign citizen of Chinese origin to ever held the post of this aldermanic)


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