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Indian new law stipulates minor rapes killing to cite dispute by adult measurement of penalty

Will report on December 25 according to Xinhua News Agency, the courtyard on Indian parliament passes a bill 22 days, if 16 years old of minor with 17 years old commit rape or murder,wait for serious crime, can undertake by adult measurement of penalty is handled. Once obtain a president to sign, this one act will become law formally. Nevertheless, this one act causes a few controversy.

Lower age of minor measurement of penalty

Discuss through a day, the courtyard on Indian parliament with voting orally 22 days the form passed bill of this teenage judicatory. This year in May, this act already was obtained in the courtyard below the parliament through.

According to Reuter report, active law sets India, the age is not belonged to to 18 years old minor, and the standard of highest measurement of penalty that minor commits a crime is 3 years of imprisonment. According to new law, 16 years old or if minor of 17 years old commits the big crime that includes the guilty of unpardonable evil such as rape, killing, highest can be sentenced lifelong imprisonment is dead even punishment.

This one new legislative it may be said complies with the people's cry. In December 2012, case of laborious of tall the base of a fruit is in a female undergraduate of 23 years old of college of medicines Indian capital Xin Deli is raped by turns on a bus by 6 men, the injury dies again. Among them a convict is minor, he 20 days of punishment are full this month get-off. After case hair, xin Ge's parents and many folk group appeal all the time revise active minor law.

Know new law is passed, maternal Ashaxinge of Xin Ge says: Act is obtained in the courtyard on the parliament through, I am very glad, but I feel sad deeply again in the bottom of the heart, because my daughter fails,see all these.

Measurement of pena

lty divides a pace to go

Afp report, according to new law, the measurement of penalty that commits a crime to minor divides a pace:

It is sort of travel of crime of affirmatory minor place above all, mix slightly, badly namely guilty of unpardonable evil. If a minor is accused to

commit the crime of the guilty of unpardonable evil such as similar rape, killing or vitriolize, will accept the inspection of a committee that forms by psychologist and social behavior expert, latter will evaluate the accused is should serve as children or be adult will accept cognizance. Next, if decide to try the accused as adult, need to receive the approval of court of a children. In the meantime, this one court plans the help to be opposite the reeducate of the accused.

Gandhi of the card inside Indian woman and Ma of children development minister says, will build special orgnaization to lock up the minor that commits crime of guilty of unpardonable evil, till they are long,come 21 years old.

The data of bureau of archives of Indian country crime shows, in the minor that is arrested because of crime, 16 years old come 18 years old hold great majority.

Gandhi of the card inside Ma says, 2015, because the minor that there are many 1000 ages more than 16 years old in new moral character commits serious or the crime of guilty of unpardonable evil and be arrested. In this country, minor crime rate rises the fastest, this one act will conduce to check (this kind of state) .

Nevertheless, to new proposed law, indian home is put in different sound. The person that criticize thinks, this violated children right, and also cannot prevent sexual crime.


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