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County of Japanese cliff hand produces train to derail accident 10 passengers flesh wound

In report will occupy new network on December 12 day intermediary report, local time between 11 at nightfall, the train of line of JR hillside plot of county of Japanese cliff hand happens derail accident, the common train of compartment of a bicycle flows into circuit because of sandy soil inside and

derail. Japan carries safe committee 12 days to expedite railroad accident searcher to place, begin to investigate accident detail.

According to the report, the train that produces an accident from cliff hand county Gong Gu sets out, leave for Cheng Gang. According to east Japanese railroad (JR east Japan) introduce, the Communist Party of China of on the car 22 passengers has 10 people to get flesh wound, in addition staff of 4 when multiply together this companies also gets hurt. 2 car attendant did not get hurt.

According to JR east Japan and Gong Gu police station introduce, what trouble spot is located in palace ancient city is a mountainous area, train goes continuously in what sail 100 meters are made an appointment with after giving channel happened to derail on circuit.

It is reported, as a result of before today nightly initial abidance is strong rainfall, place may produce collapse. The driver discovers the turn off a machine after the tree of the dump on circuit, but fail seasonable skid and sail went up the circuitry that sandy soil flows into, happened to derail consequently.

(Original title: County of Japanese cliff ha

nd produces train to derail accident 10 passengers flesh wound)


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