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Day publicizes placard to use large scale to move exposure of free part graph to be shown the gender is annoyed somewhere

Login register day of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to publicize placard to use large scale to move exposure of free part graph to be shown the gender annoys origin: somewhere? Be not 2015-12-03 16:1 of net of annulus of? of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http:// channel

[round-the-world net reports integratedly] will report on December 1 according to network of Japanese J-cast news, japanese Qi mounds prefectural beauty is great add association of luxuriant city sightseeing to be used in publicizing placard move free " aricultural " Zhong Mou after one part, ceaselessly citizen phone is complained, think this placard can'ts bear be being annoyed into eye, sex, encroached human rights even.

Relevant picture

As we have learned, the bosom that complaining reason basically is girl of draw of the place on this placard is too plump and exaggerative, and expression is very indelicate also. Part of younger sister of this kind of bud by assail incident already not was to happen for the first time. Japanese ternary county annals rub of city accepted annals of green jade of part of 17 years old of bud rub younger sister ever encountered the masses critically, final annals rub city must in order to recall this part wind up. And the situation that aricultural encounters now and this incident are very similar.

The beauty is great add luxuriant city and this to move free from the initial stage that make optional location phase already cooperated. It is reported, move free " aricultural " mound with Qi colleges and universities of aricultural of prefectural Li Tianmao is arena, main draw asperses the love comedy of students of green agricultural high school in the brandish on agriculture.

TV is moved free began to broadcast in January 2014, of the same age will end in March. The beauty is great when adding luxuriant city to use site of free choice story in this already with make just begin to contact. TV is moved free after the TV station broadcasts an end, the beauty is great add luxuriant city and move overflow cooperation of the company that make, used this to use the part that flood on a lot

of activities.

In addition, because should move free author,the home town of man of Bai Diao person mounds from Qi the county is not far, he ever visited the United States often thick increase luxuriant municipality, still held the position of the reputation chairman of association of this city sightseeing even.

As we have learned, the activity of stamp collecting relay of this city publicizes placard to begin every 2 months to be updated from September 2014, use all be woman role, the part that the 1st piece of placard uses falls for wood forest Qin, it is medium next lustre farming, group Yun Lijiu, the 4th part that will begin to use on November 7 this year is fertile land butterfly, this one part is being moved in overflowing, be by set the pasturage with the most plump bosom in overall figure is professional 2 grade student.

According to the United States thick add association of luxuriant city sightseeing to say, the time that occurren

ce netizen begins to criticise this placard makes an audience unhappy on the net is about will control on November 28 this year, critically those who appear is very abrupt. Push in the government of sightseeing association went up to still appear especially the following and similar comment.

This is a gender simply annoy. The layout of city sightseeing association is really fearsome.

Set out from the female's perspective figure of this kind of placard very offensive, generation of more impossible meeting goes travelling the interest of sightseeing.

If of the picture is normal smile,lovely girl still can be accepted, but in the middle of placard use unexpectedly not only calm bosom shows breast, expression still resembles the schoolgirl figure in hair spring, call a person to understand hard really.

This is to encroach human rights.

Comment on the net not only in succession, association of this city sightseeing still received many complaining phone and mail. Nevertheless, whether hostage doubt also is necessary to be drawn because of and cause so big disturbance meanwhile.

Do not lower his head to the young numerous ultra member that is without sightseeing interest.

Although critically sound is ceaseless, but of association of this city sightseeing push be amounted to by transmit especially 1000 for many times, not little proponent leaves a message in succession, spread out labial gun have a verbal battle with with anti.

I not only supportive association layout also supports placard. Move the success that overflow to be able to see apparently from this, aricultural of beautiful thick Jia Maohe makes square impact friendly. How, do not lower his head to the young numerous ultra member that is without sightseeing interest.

The person idea that those complaining is too peripheral, know babyish fine long hair censures brutely only threaten. If be disturbed by these people, adopt ostrichism to recall really the word of placard, can enlarge bad influence instead.

Association of this city sightseeing still says, the poster that before this use aricultural part makes or exhibit board did not encounter criticism, and still attracted a lot of 20, 30 years old or so move free fan will go sightseeing amuse oneself. Not only such, the tourist that comes from Chinese Taiwan, Hong Kong also increases somewhat, economic benefits is rising ceaselessly. In addition, association still is analysed, the green jade annals of because of part Guo Meng pother rub the experience circumstance of younger sister and fertile land year old similar but still differ somewhat. Green jade annals rub the anti of younger sister basically is local dweller, and fertile land placard is making public what local dweller did not suffer inside a month to censure, the National People's Congress that criticizes now is foreigner more. Come how to will be answered henceforth, this sightseeing association made following responses:

Pendency of our of short duration is decided specific answer program, but meet what treat everybody seriously censure, in order to look for sell one's own things as far as possible the response method that much person accepts.

(original title: Day publicizes placard to use large scale to move free part graph to be shown the gender is annoyed somewhere)

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