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Indonesian inferior because fasten air man to answer breakdown improper,boat airliner breaks a victim

Indonesia investigates personnel 1 day to express, main department flies to the reason that the plane of QZ8501 of Indonesian Asia aviation that produced last year crashs accuse systematic breakdown and air man to answer improper.

Commission of safety of Indonesian country transportation held a press conference in Jakarta that day, announced afore-mentioned findings. Investigate a Nuerchayaowutuo to not express, investigation personnel is in wreck inferior damaged discovered on the circuitry of electrical wiring of rudder journey limiter of boat plane, think this brings about this instrument to malfunction 4 times in the flight.

Black is held in the palm not say, the difference in temperature of the ground and headroom may be the cause that causes electrical wiri

ng circuitry to produce damaged, but the ground safeguards personnel to did not consider this however. Last year October, the ground safeguards personnel to ever maintained rudder journey limiter twice, but breakdown phenomenon has add without decrease. This plane experienced similar breakdown phenomenon 23 times in all last year.

However findings shows, this one breakdown is not dangerous, those who cause aircraft accident advocate the way that because be air man,answers this one breakdown. Black is held in the palm not explain say, advanced when 3 breakdown happening, air man did not remove trouble however by flow operation, after accordingly the 4th breakdown happens, air man decides to cut off autopilot power source, instead hand moves an operation. In subsequently voyage process, deputy drive the instruction that the mistake understood pilot, pull litre of plane to cause a plane to enter stall state, bring about prang finally.

On December 28, 2014, fly to Singapore by Indonesian Si water inferior boat QZ8501 plane is

in crash of Indonesian Java maritime space, 162 people hold on machine. Accident investigation is participated in jointly by 6 countries, last a period of time 11 months.

(original title: Indonesian announce inferior driver of department of aircraft accident reason operates boat error)


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