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Xi Jinping holds a talk with Zimbabwe president Mujiabei (group plan)

Login register Xi Jinping of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to hold a talk with Zimbabwe president Mujiabei (group plan) origin: ? Salary  ?2015-12-02 08:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http:// channel

Xi Jinping holds a talk with Zimbabwe president Mujiabei

Emphasize wanting will medium ferry friend improving melt into deepens motivation of collaboration of deal with concrete matters relating to work, promote joint development prosperity

Xinhua net with a ha pulls thunder on December 1 report (reporter old Huo Xiaoguang of Deng Yushan gifting presented to a senior at one's first visit as a mark of esteem) national chairman Xi Jinping is the same as Zimbabwe president Mujiabei 1 day to hold a talk in Halalei. Friendship of tradition of the ferry in evaluation of height of two countries dynast, concern of two countries of joint program future grows, deepen collaboration of deal with concrete matters relating to work to reach important consensus.

On December 1, national chairman Xi Jinping is the same as Zimbabwe president Mujiabei to hold a talk in Halalei. Huang Jingwen of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed

Huang Jingwen of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed

Huang Jingwen of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed

Xi Jinping emphasizes, ferry two countries should become political good friend not only in, do developing good associate even. Both sides wants will medium friendly and more translate into deepens ferry the motivation that deal with concrete matters relating to work cooperates, promote joint development prosperity.

Xi Jinping points out, china and Zimbabwe are true round-the-clock friend, in ferry tradition friendship is of long standing and well established, experience is long cover firm. Both sides is developing the keep watch and help defend each other in the process, good faith to cooperate severally. China won't forget old friend forever. I visit Zimbabwe this, it is to consolidate in ferry tradition is friendly, deepen collaboration of deal with concrete matters relating to work, drive two countries relation to stride new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, people of better benefit two countries.

Xi Jinping emphasizes, just will continue to grasp in hold true close sincere pair of blame policy concepts and correct justice profit outlook, hard with Jinfangyi, in ferry two countries makes equal photograph wait for, the good associate of win-win of mutual support, mutual benefit, joint development, good friend, good brother. Zimbabwe just will support to safeguard rights and interests of dominion, safe, development as always in, supportive Zimbabwe produces bigger effect in international and region general affairs. Both sides should maintain high-level contact, the communication such as close political party, legislature, place, drive each domain to cooperate to develop in the round. Collaboration of trade of classics of the ferry in just wishing to drive in is managed to manufacturing treatment and investment optimize development, course of study of the state-owend enterprise in encouraging more invests to Zimbabwe, preferential make catenary of catenary of contemporary agriculture industry, mining industry industry and manufacturing industry base, participate in the infrastructure construction such as news report of electric power, news, traffic and operation, innovation financing way. Both sides should strengthen the humanitarian domain such as education, culture, wholesome, travel, youth, media to communicate collaboration, the ferry in making is friendly more thorough popular feeling. We wish to be the same as ferry to just can develop the major problem such as agenda to strengthen harmonious chime to make continuously 2030, cooperate closely in international organization, be in power in order to defend a developing country beneficial, democratization of stimulative international relation.

Xi Jinping points out, side of the travel before China wishs to be the same as African country encourage on development road, each other helps each other. The forum of Central Africa collaboration that I expect to shortly will be held writings brush the peak is the same as Neisibao on the meeting about African friend in all concern of business Central Africa grows a major programme of lasting importance, achieve Central Africa in all friendly collaboration happiness did not come, in Central Africa friendly collaboration Shi Shangshu establishs new milepost.

Mu Jiabei expresses, warm reception Chairman Xi Jinping visits Zimbabwe. China is the round-the-clock friend of Zimbabwe. Ferry just is opposite from beginning to end in square height admiration include Zimbabwe inside African country sincerity is waited for, in acknowledgment square long-term since give sweat square each respect is precious help. Ferry just hopes to draw lessons from Chinese experience in progress of national economy society, in continueing to get, just support, strengthen in the domain such as agriculture, industry, infrastructure in be the same as, just cooperate.

After the talk, two countries dynast witnessed technology of economy of two countries government jointly cooperative agreement and infrastructure construction, produce can, cast protection

of financing, wild animal to wait for domain collaboration file sign.

That day afternoon, xi Jinping still heads for Jing Xianhua of grave of Zimbabwe folk hero to encircle.

Letter of challenge of Wang Huning, chestnut, Yang Jiechi enter afore-mentioned activities.

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