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Uncover secret 5 large central issues already entered congress of 2015 Paris climate to time (graph)

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to uncover secret did 5 large central issues already enter congress of 2015 Paris climate to time (graph) origin: ? ?2015-11-30 09:5 of felt of pay evil spiritEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http:// channel [summary] the personal interest that actually of climate negotiation backside is each country, the fairness that how achieves a result is reasonable the focus that is attention.

Parisian climate congress: World of 5 large central issues is fixed eyes upon

Come from the 21st U.N. to answer the report of climate change congress

On November 29, parisian city public traffic is all and free. The U.N. climate congress with Parisian subway visible everywhere marks, besmearing green is met of mark diligent bus, be permeated with enthusiastic volunteer smiling face, advocate the pillar of many 100 stickup each country ensign outside the

assembly room is hinting we: U.N. should be entered to climate Paris congress time.

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The graph is the Chinese catchphrase inside assembly room of congress of Parisian climate change. Reporter of Xinhua News Agency should be photographed by force

Xi Jinping of Chinese state chairman will go to France to attend opening activity of congress of climate change Paris on invitation, this is Chinese top leader attends plenary meeting of U.N. climate change first. Congress importance is self-evident. Answer the important node that climate changes as the whole world, parisian congress will decide how society of the international after 2020 partakes responsibility. Actually of climate negotiation backside is the personal interest of each country, the fairness that how achieves a result is reasonable the focus that is each attention.

Focus one: Whether reach historic new agreement as scheduled

Although the conference did not kick off formally, but partial state delegation already shifted to an earlier date a week comes to Paris. The important speech that Chairman Xi Jinping is about to make will rise urge action actively for the conference. 29 days, hair of special delegate, country changes general affairs of Chinese climate change appoint vice director Jie Zhenhua changes in U.N. climate when conference China horn accepts a reporter to interview, express, each just expect to be able to reach each satisfactory result.

The historical course of congress of backdate U.N. climate, every time negotiation is accompanying difference, compromise and consensus. Signed 1992 " convention of frame of U.N. climate change " (abbreviation " convention " ) , begin to be held every year from 1995 " convention " conclude a treaty square congress. From " convention of frame of U.N. climate change " arrive " Kyoto protocol " , from cling to the formation of li route chart arrives " Copenhagen agreement " , from bank elder brother conference goes to the Paris this year the conference, the world is changing, climate agreement also is in developmental.

Parisian agreement will be the important sign of a turn. Negotiation of change of the outer climate that join a department is special look on behalf of Gao Feng, the whole world answers climate change mode by " Kyoto protocol " from above to below decreases a mode change compulsively to be mode of from bottom to top. At present already 160 many countries referred a country to contribute a file independently, reflected the confidence of each country. Hair of presiding negotiation delegate, country changes Chinese delegacy appoint when climate manages director Su Wei accepts our newspaper reporter 29 days to interview in Paris, also point out, the country contributes the main component that will make Parisian agreement independently, this reveals each country to answer the confidence that climate changes and significant move. From the point of the circumstance of preliminary meeting, each country attitude is positive, but difference still occurs, basically be how to be reflected collective but distinguishing responsibility.

Focus 2: How to dissolve difference, reflect collective but have distinction

Resemble a racing bicycle same, some cars had run very far, some cars just set out, this time restricts speed with unified measure do not suit, also be inequitable. This analogy was reflected collective but the important intention that has discriminative principle. The historical responsibility that developed country and developing country change to creating climate is different, fulfil collective but the important principle such as distinguishing responsibility, fair, respective ability, make the collective wish of broad developing country.

Change of the climate between U.N. government is special committee ever put forward, the developed country wants to decrease on the foundation 1990 before 2020 discharge at least 25%~40% , arrive before 2020 the capital support that provides 100 billion dollar every year for the developing country, build a technology to make over a mechanism. If a such consensus are reached in Parisian agreement, the conference that is a milepost type. Jie Zhenhua expresses.

Get together absorb different, square can to travel. Hold to collective but the principle such as distinguishing responsibility, the devotion that means a developing country should accord with the ability of the developing country and requirement. But also want to see, emphasize before distinction collective the joint responsibility that 2 font showed to answer climate to change i

s everybody, cannot outside place oneself thing. Su Wei says.

Focus 3: 2 Celsius target whether incorporate

Begin from November 30, the conference will enter concentrated negotiation phase, rhythm will be more nervous, very much important negotiation needs to last to the late night. Look in Su Wei, a of Parisian agreement serious content is the tie mechanism that should form 2 Celsius target to come true.

Upper temperature rises want control to be in 2 Celsius less than, be by international society accepted and the main goal that relation mankind develops. Current, 160 many countries were referred arrive from 2020 the target decreasing a platoon 2030. But release recently via U.N. Environment Programme " discharge difference to report " computation, the target that decrease a platoon is added always hind big appointment reduces 40~60 100 million tons of carbon are equivalent discharge. But, this leaves 2 Celsius place correspondence reduced a demand 2030, still apart 12 billion tons.

Courtyard of British London plutonomy teachs Nicholas - Stern points out, to come true this target must take specific action. Arrive from now 2050, world city population will achieve 3.5 billion ~60 the growth dimensions of 100 million, the pace calculates the investment that will have side of 60 trillion yuan of infrastructure every year first, if this invests to form low carbon establishment 15 years in future, can make great contribution to decreasing a platoon. Su Wei expresses, although act to still have a space with the tentative idea, but also put in tremendous potential, need each country strengthens technical cooperation. This conference, there also is the Chinese Academy of Engineering and each square authoritative expert in Chinese delegacy, they will contribute more wisdom.

Focus 4: How does commitment of developed country financing cash

Capital problem is Parisian climate congress whether a successful main factor. Jie Zhenhua points out, expect the developed country cashs acceptance, this also is the foundation that international answers climate change to build political each other to believe.

The climate financing report that publishs what will give heat this year in October by Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development points out, the public republic and private fund that the developed country provides for action of developing country climate reached 61.8 billion dollar 2014, prep above the 52.2 billion dollar 2013, but still have bigger difference with target of affirmatory 100 billion dollar.

Look in experts, how to ensure before 2020 annual of target of 100 billion dollar cash, increase public fund to occupy than, increase does the support that go up suit in climate? How does the capital after 2020 support plan to decide? This will make the main central point of Parisian conference.

Focus 5: What will China still contribute

Before Parisian conference is held, sino-US both sides already released the combination that answers climate change to state. The United States puts forward first greenhouse gas was discharged 2025 relatively whole dropped 2005 26%~28% , before refresh United States affirmatory carbon was discharged 2020 decrease than 2005 17% . In just put forward formally first Chinese carbon discharged hopeful to reach peak value 2030, will be in at will was not fossil the sources of energy 2030 the proportion in the sources of energy promotes 20% .

According to the data that world bank publishs, china is close 20 years, 52% what energy of accumulative total section already took the whole world. Add recently these two years, should be 52% above. Jie Zhenhua expresses, among energy-saving gross of the whole world, china occupied half above. South the climate change that China announces to build dimensions to be 20 billion yuan of RMBs south cooperative fund, in order to supports other developing country.

As we have learned, china controls carbon dioxide clearly already to discharge to 2030 strive for amount to a peak ahead of schedule. Additional, strive for carbolic intensity reduced 60%~65% on the foundation 2005 2030, blame fossil the sources of energy occupies the sources of energy to be controlled than hefting 20% , quantity of silvan save up should increase 4.5 billion stere.

The Communist Party of China that just concludes 18 5 in plenary meeting put forward the 5 Dali such as green development to read aloud. Su Wei discloses, china had begun 7 carbon that visit town to discharge authority to trade pilot job, strive for the carbolic market that 2017 the whole nation that start integrates. Upgrade as the transition of Chinese economy structure, the energy-saving potential that decrease a platoon is tremendous. (reporter Feng Lei, Huang Hao)

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