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19 years old of belles are England corporeal life suspend one's schooling already was wrapped to raise by 11 big men

Login register England of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian 19 years old was the belle already wrapped to raise origin: by 11 big men for corporeal life suspend one's schooling? Person?2015-11-29 15:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http:// channel

According to Taiwan media Dong Senxin hears the cloud to report, england 19 years old younger sister gift is bright, super- can study to decide to fasten suspend one's schooling from medicine however, join the range that is included to raise by wealthy person. Pass bargaining one time, this name daughter is born to had been wrapped to raise by 11 big men greatly, dress of successful gain gem, famous brand and costly bag, make her very happy.


d " lens signs up for " report, this female undergraduate is called green jade to carry pull (Colver Pittilla) , studying in the process, what she experiences material to live is important; She what claim individual character is mature resolutely suspend one's schooling, and advantage of appearance of by means of, join the range that is included to raise by wealthy person.

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t help according to green jade, oneself already had 11 bags to raise a target at present, the man's profession includes the boss of the big company president, person that do poineering work, dining-room to wait; Among them some of schoolboy is held in the arms holding libertinism state of mind, but also somebody is very serious, cost 5 1000 pound on her body night (make an appointment with a RMB 48000 yuan of) .

Green jade is carried pull say, although oneself have 19 years old only, but she is very mature, and the schoolboy that is the same as the age thinks of a gender only, do not have method to give her comfortable, dependable sense. She also discloses, although oneself enter a bag to raise a boundary, but be not all men to want to make love only, also somebody is psychological demand only; Her concept is a client consummate, the habit of every client adjusts meeting according to oneself, show different view then, let both sides can be obtained contented.

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