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Parisian suburb produces female suspect of pop latest news to explode oneself die

Ligature of female suspect body exploder

Defend a newspaper according to England, before at present France has added group unit, toward Shengdannide the

area reinforces the round of police acts, at present gunfight exceeds 3 hours. The message shows at present 3 people are captured, among them one factitious woman and contain suicidal type bomb, explode oneself with the leather belt bomb that tangles on the body die. Additionally a suspect is shot dead in gunfight. In the meantime, shengdanni saves government office to had announced, the school is shut entirely now, around company office worker and dweller are waited for temporarily in the home.

The report before this:

According to French world newspaper, police message says, 2 people are in Paris Shengdanni is shot dead in assault. The message that defend a newspaper says, at present French army adds group unit to had arrived at the spot to chase after a shop with all one's strength. CNN says eyewitness says at present the spot produces explosion 4 times at least.

Relevant report:

In new network report is comprehensive on November 18 outside intermediary message, local time 18 days, the suspect that French police fears a case to interlink in Parisian north suburb spreads out capture the action. According to the report, at present the action still did not end, the suspect still hides in apartment.

Report of news of Afp cite police says, the suspect still hides in apartment. BFMTV of local TV station says, the police gets hurt in acting this. Have media cite France at the same time " the world signs up for " say, 2 people die in acting this, the life and death that still has the 3rd person has not decide, but announcing the dead is police or suspect. Current, this one message still cannot affirm.

Associated press says, local government expresses, this is not new assault however police acts, at the same time appeal dweller stays indoors.

Occupy Reuter story additionally, the ground that acts this is nodded, the stadium that the distance ever assaulted by bomb of terrorist suicide type is not far. The action begins at 18 days of before dawn, up to local time 6 when still undertaking 15 minutes.

The report before this says Reuter, french police is started in Parisian north suburb chase gunfight erupts when fearing raiding incident suspect to act. Associated press also says, parisian environs passes concentrated report of a gun, a large number of polices dispatch, or with fear the action concerning instead.

Late on November 13 local time, paris produces a series of explosive pop incident to cause 130 much people to die, more than 350 people are injured. Have 7 in all the name is fierce disrelish die in assault.

According to France 24 TV news, french police says, the target that assaults the action is Paris fear raiding abet of behind the curtain Abodule - Hamideabawude. Occupy news of network of British sky news additionally, abodule - Hamideabawude is one of targets that this police captures the action.

Will report on November 16, france installs all door to affirm, concoctive Paris horror makes a surprise attack, create the center of operation of behind the curtain that 132 people die, the Ba Aode of extreme element A that is Belgium (Abdelhamid Abaaoud) . Abaaode is Moroccan descendants, be born in Belgium, it is 27 years old, media describes him is the most active ISIS killer. He still hides possibly now in Mohammedan country of Syria to organize control area.

Abaaode is in IS level is higher, and never mask the purpose that its hit Europe. He says, my name and head portrait whole world were released, but I still am can safe and sound wait for thin

k in their home method copes with them.

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