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French tall iron is off the rails object the river already sent driver of 11 people death to deny overspeed accusation

According to Russian new company on November 17 message, french the eastpart part off the rails accident already caused Gao Tie near Sitelasibao 11 people die, this train driver denies overspeed accusation.

Accident train driver tells to investigate personnel, the train was abided by strictly when Duan Lu line fast be restricted, namely 176 kilometre / when. Nevertheless procuratorate representing points out, driver place says to whether be belonged to solid after wanting to examine blacker-than-black case, redo is judged. This train driver suffers only in this accident slight and traumatic.

On November 14, edge of train of experiment of a TGV is not France seek profits when

sexual high speed checks circuit travel to pass a bridge off the rails, partial railroad car falls into Lai

mattress - equestrian favour canal. Authorities says is technical issue brings about accident happening. 49 people hold in all on the car at that time.

(original title: Accident of law tall iron already sent driver of 11 people death to deny overspeed)


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