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French tall iron is off the rails reason: Because cause fastens speed to cause tens of casualty too quickly

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In report will occupy new network on November 15 central company report, french place authorities shows, during train of a high speed has a test 14 days off the rails, cause 10 people to die to get hurt with 32 people, among them 12 people are weighed. Additionally 5 people miss, still not be clear that whether they are really on train at present.

Local time on November 14, the train of one high speed that having a test was in that day city of French the eastpart part derails near Sitelasibao, already caused 10 people death at present, tens of people are injured.

According to the report, french place official is elegant inside (Dominique-Nicolas Jane) expresses, in France dust of the eastpart part overcomes Weiersang (this accident in train operation of Eckwersheim) happening, because cause passes at speed fast, technical personnel is having a test on train at that time.

But police expresses, accident reason has not decide. Personage of message of familiar investigation evolutional discloses, tens of renown technology personnel are in on train.

This accident is from train of French high speed (since TGV) carries at throwing battalion 1981, the most serious accident in train operation.

Local authorities shows, train of next generation TGV high speed book carry of devoted December 2016 battalion, be aimed at today the accident produces during train of a high speed has a test among them, 49 technologies personnel always is shared on train at that time, without any passengers that buy a ticket.

That train is last crash is in near a bridge inside about 40 meters wide canal.

The phreatic water group of French police, helicopter saves bad traffic to be sent to come with tens of ministries trouble spot.

Environmental minister He Yaer (Segolene Royal) expresses in trouble spot, have 49 people according to believing train to go up, it is French nation railroad not merely (SNCF) employee, still include guest of employee spouses etc.

Local authorities shows, train is off th

e rails because cause passes at speed fast, but should say why train is met so fast travel, still premature to say.

He Yaer still says, already eliminated the possibility that destroys in cold blood almost. But start at Paris in gunman and suicidal type charger fear raiding, after causing 129 people to die, less than train happens again inside a day off the rails accident, let popular feeling give birth to uneasiness really.

The trouble spot photograph that Reuter reporter films shows, dip of part of train car head is inside the canal.

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