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Mohammedan country (IS) data setting rises abruptly what does reason influence want after all (group plan)

The article carries formerly at " Atlantic monthly magazine " Feburary 2015 date, author Gelinmu Wood

Does Mohammedan country come from where? What does it want to work? These problems look be like simple, let a person easily however go astray, know the answer without a few western country leader it seems that. Last year December, " new York Times " publish American middle east accept of K of Er of Michael of special operation commanding officer adds a tower (MichaelK.Nagata) the furtive comment of major general, admit what oneself get not clear Mohammedan country to appeal to beg. We did not defeat this kind of idea, he says. We do not understand this kind of ideology even. In a year of in the past, the view of Aobama's president changes ceaselessly, say Mohammedan country is organized to be not Moslem a little while, say its organize preliminary echelon formation for base a little while, these statement report go out to organize those who know existence to go up to mix to this theory, caused serious strategic miscarriage of justice easily.

Last year in June, this organization captured Iraq Masuer, its regnant now area already exceeded England. Since May 2010, abubakeerbagedadi (AbuBakral-Baghdadi) the leader that is this organization all the time. However, till last summer before, his newest and video just be blocked in cloth by captivity during occupational Iraq of a piece of United States the ambiguous photograph that films when battalion. Last year on July 5, he walks into Masueraernu the estrade of big mosque, since serving as how many generation, the first place breaths out sermon of li of fit the month of fast video definition rises from snowflake dot high-definition, he also turns into from the partisan that is chased the cacique of all Moslem. Subsequently, battle of emperor of world each district person flow into speed and dimensions to achieve all-time, and still continueing.

On certain level, we are understandable to the ignorance of Mohammedan country: It is a kingdom that close; The person that go there is very rare the person comes back. Bagdad enlighten had spoken to camera only. However, countless other conduct propaganda inspects his speech and Mohammedan country screen, be full of Internet, the proponent is becoming Mohammedan state all the time massive effort, publicize their career. We know this so-called state rejects all peace principle; They long to slaughter, its religion viewpoint makes its cannot have the change of any affirmatory forms on system, although this kind of change can ensure,live; They think they are to let the world immediately ruined predictor, and basically still shove a hand.

Mohammedan country, also call Iraq and Li Fan spy Mohammedan country, those who abide by is a kind distinctive Mohammedan, be opposite about doomsday viatic belief among them its strategy is crucial, the enemy that also conduces to western him understanding forecasts its behavior. The rise of Mohammedan country, say frat of similar Egypt Moslem with its (Mohammedan country thinks this organization leads factitious come-outer) , be inferior to saying is intentional implementation is turned over Utopian additional kind of reality, david takes an examination of thunder assorted or Jones ever was in Jim this kind additional kind of life in reality, their brandish is worn absolute power, ruling the hundreds person before not just, and affecting a whole world to make an appointment with 8 million person.

We understood the nature of Mohammedan country in mistake of at least two respects. Above all, we are used to the ground to think holy battle is organized is cannot intersected whole, the logic that organizes base applies a definitely to surmount its organization. The proponent still calls the Mohammedan country that I had chatted Aosamabenladeng for Aosama patriarchal, this is a honorary title. However, organize florescence from base (arrive from 1998 about 2003) case, holy battle organization has happened evolve, the view that contempt of a lot of holy battle element should organize and this organization currently hold the post ofleader layer.

Pull ascend terroristic the prelude that as implementation Harry delivers Mohammedan state, but he predicts to be in have unripe year won't see Harry delivers a state. His organization is agile, it is the network that organizes in different district autonomy dispersedly. Under photograph comparing, mohammedan country asks to maintain however lawful and feudal, one administers a structure from what go up and fall. (cent of compose of its official wing plane is civil with the military affairs two parts, its territory differentiates for each provinces. )

Next, we get the misdirect of the action with a kind of fraudulent however good intention, reject to admit the property of Mohammedan mediaeval religion. The Bitebaigen that ever interviewed Benladeng first 1997 (PeterBergen) the first book that writes to him gives a name " holy battle limited company " , partial ground admits Benladeng is a character of contemporary and lay world. Benladeng turns horrible company, roll out through interlinking a form. He asks specific politics is concessional, if the United States is legionary evacuate sand is special, his soldier walks confidently in modern world. In the last full time of life, the Mohammed A tower that launchs 911 assault ever shopped in Woerma, still be in surely win dinner was used in the guest.

The almost all decision of Mohammedan country follows the prophetic pattern that its are illuminated in brand of billboard, car and alleges on coin

People repeats this kind of point of view easily, namely holy battle person it is contemporary lay person actually, having contemporary political care, wrapping around however the camouflage of mediaeval religion, attempt to let this kind of viewpoint apply to Yi Sila country. In fact, unless be based on a kind devotional and the course thinks carefully not change belief, a lot of things of this organization are absurd completely it seems that. The belief of Mohammedan country makes civilization new return the legal environment of 7 centuries to fall namely, bring the world finally to destroy.

The spokesman with this kind of the clearest stand is the official of Mohammedan country and their proponent. They mock alleged modern. In the talk, they firm say to won't shake impossibly also the processing concept of prophetic Mohammed and establish of root of the most inchoate believer. They often are saying to be not Moslem to feel strange or old institutions and literary quotation, can apply specific tradition and Moslem however inchoate text.

For example, last year in September, mohammedan country is main Ni Qiu of accept of Mohammed A heart grows spokesman A cloth (SheikhAbuMuhammadal-Adnani) wait for western country with respect to appeal France, Canada, be bungled with stone sodden his head, kill with poison he, grind him dead with the car, perhaps demolish his crops. To western audience, this kind of penalty that resembles the description in Bible is bungled dead to listen with finish crops and him with block go up it is very strange that more contemporary car suicide appeal stands side by side together. (like seeming to be able to threaten by the imagination only to show, adnani still says Secretary of State writings brush Kerry is the strange old man that had not become circumcision about. )

Buddhist nun of Dan Ade accept is not nonsense merely. His speech contains the meaning on theology and law, unless Moslem army is in defensive,he urges what finish crops mirrors directly is the command that Mohammed asks not to want water of intrude into well and crops, be in below this kind of circumstance gentile (Kuffar) the Moslem on land should not have commiserative heart, should go sending poison.

In fact, mohammedan country belongs to Moslem, and special Moslem. Right, the person that it attracted mental disease and adventurer, the much of these philtrum is middle east and European malcontent crowd. But, its are the most faithful the religion of believer place advocate results from however consistent to Moslem, it is perfectness even unscramble.

Actually, mohammedan country those who make is all and great decision-making and executive law, the prophetic means that holds to them to reach the place on announce, advertisement, plate, stationery and coin to allege in news from beginning to end, follow the prophecy of Mohammed and example fastidiously namely. Moslem people can reject Mohammedan country; Almost everybody is done so. However, insist stubbornly it does not have religious quality actually, be not organization of beatitude of a chiliad, do not understand its theology thought to want to make a fight with its, this kind of practice brought about the United States to underestimate the ability of this organization, support foolish plan beat back to should be organized. If we are adopted measure makes its are couldn't get strengthen, and let its be in oneself are excessive burn down of the ego in fanaticism, we must be familiar with the intellectual inheritance of Mohammedan country.

In proponent eye, controlling territory is a Mohammedan country is authoritative necessary precondition. Till the map that studies from warlike institute achievement is adapted expresses January 15 days, this Harry sends the territory below regnal control, still have the area that they atttack at the same time. Mastering the place of political power, mohammedan country collects court of prices of scot, government, open, manage from the service of medical treatment insurance, education to communication.

1. is devotional

Last year November, mohammedan country released similar TV advertising to publicize piece, its origin date from Benladeng. Mohammedan country admits, be killed till 2006 from 2003 about, the head Zakawei with Iraqi base atrocious organization (AbuMusa BalZarqawi) for its more direct pioneer. Subsequently of replace is other two guerrilla leader, harry hair Bagdad just is later enlighten. Conspicuous is, help the succession person that ascend originally, the Zawaxili of expressional gravity (AymanalZawahiri) was not alluded however. This Egypt oculist that currently holds the post ofbase to organize a head did not make a pledge partisan Bagdad enlighten, more and more get its emperor battle person the work in the same placing's detest. Devoid glamour of Zawaxili is helpless isolate at his; Go up in video his look is bosseyed impatient. Nevertheless, the dissension of base organization and Mohammedan country from at the beginning of forming, rise to exist all the time, all-time kill that can explain latter place is had partly at least desire.

As alone like Zawaxili be one is called A Bumu rarely Modeaermakedixi (AbuMuhammadalMaqdisi) Jordanian clergyman, it is 55 years old, the person that can calls base intellectual stylist of the organization and the most important emperor battle, but the average reader that reads American newspaper does not know. On problem of great majority doctrine, mark enlighten with Mohammedan country the viewpoint agrees on the west. Both is pull phenanthrene creed with the Sa that be called (Salafism) the holy battle in branch of religious sect doctrine sends abdicate Buddhist nun the relationship is close. Salafism comes from the Alsalafalsalih of Arabic, the ancestor with devotional means. These ancestors are Moslem him prophet reachs his the earliest believer, the person that Sa pulls phenanthrene creed advocates them the example that is all actions, these actions include war, dress, domesticity, even dentist art.

Mohammedan country awaits the arrival of Roman army, they should compare grave to defeat Roman army greatly in Syria, will start end subsequently time.

Mark enlighten the adviser that Zakawei is on the west, the instruction that he is taking better adviser goes Iraq fights. However, as time elapse, wild pitch of Zalawei surpassed a teacher, suffer the adviser's condemnation finally. The problem depends on, in Zakawei bloodsucking if still have madly, as a kind of credo, he special hate other (faction) Moslem is amounted to, should drive out and kill they. Be in Mohammedan in, dakefeier (Takfir) practice, or excommunicate, be being told from theology is very dangerous. If a man says to his brother: You are gentile, prophet says, have only so among them one says rightly. If accuser is wrong, can make betray because of bring a false charge against sb teach a blame. Punishing betray to teach a blame is capital punishment. However, za Kawei is without scruple ground enlarge may let make Moslem makes gentile behavior range greatly.

Mark enlighten the letter is written to admonish on the west the student need previously is careful, not large-scale announce Dakefeier or be come-outer because of making fault announce. Come-outer and wait for the distinction between the blame more delicate perhaps, but became the fundamental difference between base organization and Mohammedan country however.

Deny the Koran divine or Mohammed predicts even if direct betray teachs. But the footing of the Mohammedan country that Zakawei and he breeds is, a lot of other action also can go discharge of believer of a Moslem Mohammedan. These behavior include, alcohol or drugs sell in certain circumstance, wear business suit or shave, the bill that poll sends Moslem candidate even and do not be willing to call other come-outer casually. Most Arab belongs to assorted leaf clique, also satisfy these standards, because Mohammedan country thinks assorted leaf clique is innovation, and innovate in the Koran even if deny original perfect. (Mohammedan country claims, assorted leaf is sent normally if the practice adores Yi Ma to look (Imams) graveyard and open and self-condemned, devoid the Koran is prophetic perhaps the basis of example. ) this means about 200 million assorted Xie Paxin is numerous die with respect to the place. Accordingly, the dynast of all Mohammedan countries also should put to death, because enter into an election contest,government service perhaps implements the legislation that blame Allah enacts, had overridden factitious law on Mohammedan law.

Overcome phenanthrene Er credo according to the tower, mohammedan country devotes oneself to to purify the world through the massacre. In the absense of come from its the objective report of regnant area, people does not know the true state of the massacre, but show from the social media article of this area, almost ceaselessly the individual is in with capital punishment, and every other is about a few weeks to execute large-scaly the action. The commonnest victim is Moslem come-outer. Look, the Christian of nonresistant new government is OK exempt is executed automatically. Want their pay treasure to be called only Jiciya (Jizya) duty, admit to succumb at them, bagdad enlighten allow them to live go down. This kind of practice of the Koran accredit is nonexistent controversy.

Musakelantuoniao (MusaCerantonio) it is an Australian imam, it is Mohammedan country allegedly the recruit of the most influential force person one of. Solemn Sa thinks, prophetic and fatidical Harry is sent loot Istanbul, the army that leader of the Immanuel that be turned over meets later beats back, and the person that the final death that turns over Immanuel counts 1000 emperor war only at this moment is living still will greet doomsday. (PaulJeffers/FairfaxMedia)

European religion war is already overblown hundreds of years, people makes a large number of sacrifice because of the theology controversy of involved and abstruse no longer. Accordingly, hesperian is Mohammedan to concerning perhaps the news of theology thought of the country and practice supports suspicion and negative attitude. What a lot of people do not believe this one organization can resemble its place claiming is devotional in that way, do not believe what bright place shows harmony to it can act like its conservative in that way or religiosity doomsday decisive battle.

This kind of suspicion is understandable. In the past, those criticise Moslem is implicit and old the Hesperian of lection got the scholar is criticized duely especially he points out deceased Edward Sa Yide saying Moslem is old is bespatter normally another kind of their form. Contrary, these scholars appeal attention forms these ideological conditions evil politics, social morality is downfallen and the humiliation that the people place that lives on the land that is taken seriously because of contain oil only suffers.

Understanding is less than these elements, rise abruptly with respect to what cannot explain Mohammedan country thoroughly. However, pay attention to these elements only and repel ideological report gives the west another kind of bias: If religious thought does not have how old consequence in Washington or Berlin, so affirmative in play card (Raqqa) or Masuer and not matter. Allahuakbar reads aloud when come-outer of behead of unconscious face executioner (Allah comes big) , occasionally he stems from religion really.

Deviation appears on understanding of a lot of mainstream Moslem organization, think Mohammedan country is not actually unexpectedly Mohammedan. Of course, great majority Moslem does not have any interest execute publicly regard as evening entertainment program, in order to replace Hollywood film, this make a person gratified. But, scholar of university of Princeton of no less than, research should organize theology get army expert Bernard Hai Keer (BernardHaykel) tell me, reject to admit Mohammedan country feels awkward normally for Mohammedan Moslem, show the attitude with correct politics, support specious attitude to his religion, this kind of viewpoint disregards them to be on religious history and jural the requirement that raise. He says, a lot of denial Mohammedan country the view of religious property results from different belief sees Christian fastens flimflam tradition please.

I go consulting Mohammedan country ideological, all scholars want me to look for Haikeer. Hai Keer has partial Lebanon blood relationship, be brought up in Lebanon and United States. When through its grim goat non-Han nationalities living in the north and west in ancient times talks, he is bringing the foreign oral speech sound that says not clear district.

Hai Keer says, the team is full of Mohammedan country religion is enthusiastic. Nowhere is not in the Koran ana. It is average soldier OK also discuss these things glibly, hai Keer says. They play the part of a crotchet before camera camera lens, form changes the ground to repeating their basic religious doctrine, ground of all the time is done so. He thinks, show calling Mohammedan country ill-natured Mohammedan lection is absurd, the ignorant ability of one's own wishful thinking can hold to this kind of view. People wants to replace Mohammedan absolve responsibility for an offence, he says. It is Mohammedan it is anthem of religion of a kind of peace. Seem to have really Mohammedan this thing is same. This is Moslem place is made, they explain their lection so namely. All abdicate Buddhist nun sends Moslem to share such lection, do not be Mohammedan country particular. These fellow have lawful sex as someone else.

All Moslem admit, the conquer with the earliest Mohammed is not clean, those who admit inheritance of the Koran place and the regular to prophet war law exemple in stating was passed corrective, in order to suit queasy the age that reachs force. Hai Keer estimates, mohammedan country the soldier went backwards truly Mohammedan inchoate, trustily emersion Mohammedan war law exemple. These behavior include a large number of contemporary Moslem to look the way of divine lection no longer. These barpque emperor battle person not specially chooses cross of slavery, hammer and behead in mediaeval tradition, hai Keer says. Mohammedan country soldier place oneself is mediaeval in the tradition, be over its whole region enters modern society.

Fail what the substaintial distinction between recognize ISIS and base organization caused a lot of hazard is decision-making.

" the Koran " formulary hammer cross is one of a few penalty that allow to adopt to Mohammedan enemy. Be in to Christian levy " the Koran " the 9th chapter repents (SurahAl-Tawba, ) in have clear support, this paragraphic directive Moslem wants pair of Christian and Jewish make war, pay till they are freewill and compliant ground pay aid at present inferior (Jizya) , feel oneself are conquered. The prophet that is regarded as model by all Moslem applied these set, they own slave.

Mohammedan country leader regards strict liability as imitated Mohammed, restored already dormancy tradition of hundreds years. What they make a person open-eyed is the literal meaning of comply with lection not merely, still they read the serious mood of these lection, hai Keer says. The serious manner of this kind of diligence, infatuate edition is common Moslem what do not have.

In a few centuries before Mohammedan country rises abruptly, any organizations do not have made of baked clay like 18 centuries Arabia Habipa (Wahhabis) radical in that way ground is faithful the example at prophet. They conquered the greater part of the Saudi Arabia distributes land now area, the Mohammedan law with a kind of attenuant version saved their strict practice to come down. Nevertheless, wahabipa does not abuse force. Moslem is all round them, they conquered already Mohammedan those who change is feudal; Master in their hand all the time. Under photograph comparing, mohammedan country revives truly inchoate history. Inchoate Moslem is surrounded by blame Moslem, mohammedan country has Dakefeili (Takfiri) the tendency, think oneself are in same condition.

Although base organization wants to restore slavery, it also never so had said. Why to meet such? Kept silence to mirror its strategic thinking possibly to slavery, the compassion that considered the community heart: Mohammedan country begins bondage when people, a few proponents that connect it feel hesitant. However, breath out li of hair to be without apology ground to continue to embrace slavery and cross penal code however. We conquer your Rome army, break your cross, bondage your woman, mohammedan country spokesman Adanani (Adnani) affirmatory on the Valentine's Day greeting card that issues to the west regularly. If we do not wait for that time, our children and grand children people meet when, they can go up to sell slave your child in servile market.

Last year in October, mohammedan country magazine " Dabiqiu " go up the revive article that publishs the slavery after a problem is, the article discusses Yacidisi (Yazidis) (the member of a denomination of old library Er heart, this denomination uses Mohammedan courtyard department, get in Iraqi north the attack of Mohammedan country) it is degenerate Moslem, should put to death consequently; Still be only gentile, should become the issue of the object of bondage consequently. According to governmental command, the research group that by Mohammedan country the scholar forms held the meeting, thrash out this problem. The anonymous writer of this article is written, if they are gentile,

Yacidi (Yazidi) people woman and children are playing according to Mohammedan law in Sinjar (in Iraqi north) fight Mohammedan country allocates bondage Kuffar among the soldier (gentile) family, their woman is accept a concubine is Mohammedan law fixed strategy. Refuse or mock this one strategy, this guiding principle, the lection that refuse namely or mocks the Koran and narrate propheticly betrayed thereby Mohammedan.

2. is feudal

Allegedly know exactly about sth the Moslem outside 10 thousand the Republic of China has emigrated Mohammedan country. Respond to a call for recruits person come from France, England, Belgian, Germany, Holand, Australia, Indonesia, United States and other a lot of places. A lot of people come round to attend a war, and a lot of people plan die in the last ditch.

Institute of London university king teachs Newmann of those spy R (PeterR.Neumann) tell me, want transmission to publicize content, ensure arrival knows believes thing, the sound on Internet is indispensable all the time. In the meantime, the woman keeps apart the Moslem that the recruit on the net lets guard to be able to contact recruit personnel in the home actually normally, accept radical idea and go to before arrangement Syria, enlarge the population of holy battle society to comprise thereby. Pass other to both sex call, mohammedan country hopes to build a whole society.

Last year November, I go Australia sees Musakelantuoniao (MusaCerantonio) , a man of 30 years old, one of two when Newmann and other researcher say its are directive foreigner to enter Mohammedan country the most fundamental new drive authority. He ever was in the TV sermon that the IqraaTV of Caire has chaired 3 years, because this object him,frequent appeal builds Harry to deliver a state later and leave. Now, he is mixed through book face push especially missionary.

Kelantuoniao the figure is tall, the manner is friendly contain student flavor. He tells me, behead video lets him feel shudder. Although the proponent of Mohammedan country must support force, he abhors however see force. (Allah prohibits committing suicide, accordingly his avouch objects assault of suicidal type explosion, be in thereby holy battle person in the center arouse controversy; On other minority problem he also follows Mohammedan country the viewpoint is differ. ) the hair that his facial ministry is having chaotic, people can be in the film " ring king " this kind of figure sees among the vermicelli made from bean starch of certain overgrow beard, he is obsessed with at Mohammedan doomsday says to let a person do not feel not close. He lives in one place it seems that Thespian in, and outer person looks, resemble a mediaeval strange unreal novel, only blood is true true be sure to.

Last year June, kelantuoniao and wife try to emigrate the place that he does not wish to say (go of Syrian dispute law, he says carefully) but be in in road Philippine be caught, stop because of visa exceed the time limit and by repatriate Australia. The purpose is joined or head for Mohammedan country to be criminality in Australia, so Kelantuoniao's passport was confiscated. He is in Melbourne tiredly, get the special attention of local police. Once discover he attends to transport staff to Mohammedan country, he will be imprisoned. But so far, he still acts to be told from the technology freely, it is an independent egghead, be in nevertheless Mohammedan justice on the problem, other sage battle person his sound is relatively authentic.

We meet in Footscray, common lunch. A population is here the Melbourne suburb of concentrated, much culture, the heavenly body of loneliness of travel directory publisher is set here. Kelantuoniao is in half calories of a half Ireland, Labuliya (Italian southwest ministry) be brought up in the family. Here every street the loafing about Arabia young person that can see shop of African cafeteria, Vietnam and dress salad are not dress, the beard of chaotic, short line fir, still have the trousers that crus abdomen goes to by the side of pants.

Kelanniaotuo speaks of on June 29 Bagdad enlighten the joyance that when be being announced to be sent for Harry, he feels is abrupt between, beautiful Suobudamiya began to have the appeal like magnet to he and his friend. I am at that time in a hotel (Philippine) , saw the statement on TV, he tells me. I just feel exclaim, does the heart think why should I stay in blamed room?

On one Harry delivers a state is Ao Siman empire, 16 centuries achieve period of at the height of power and splendour, long decline begins later, till 1924 by Turkey republic author earth of tower of end Er A overcomes Musidafakai (MustafaKemalAtat Rk) finally. Long-term decline began after reaching peak, make the same score means in order to mix till Turkey republic author terminative finally. However, as a lot of proponents of Mohammedan country, kelanniaotuo does not admit country of that Harry hair is lawful, because it implements Mohammedan law not completely, because this Caesarean Harry is sent,still be not the descendants of prophetic Quraysh tribe. Mohammedan law asks executive riprap is bungled dead, bondage and amputation punishment.

Bagdad enlighten the importance that in Masuerbu the prate in the path carries out Harry to deliver a system. He says, restore Harry to deliver a system close chiliad of this kind of system will go up besides name besides having any effect almost is a kind of common obligation. He and proponents announce to establish Harry to deliver a state immediately, appoint a dean to regard its as head, he says. The responsibility that this is Moslem already by abandon the responsibility of a few centuries. . . . . . Moslem obtains a blame because of abandon, must seek not overblownly build. As the Benladeng before, bagdad enlighten one's words is luxuriant, use the statement in the Koran literary quotation and classical one's words often. With Benladeng and Ao Siman empire Harry sends those holidays different, he comes from Quraysh tribe.

Kelanniaotuo tells me, harry delivers a state not only it is substance of a politics, and it is the tool that saves atone for. The propagandist machine of Mohammedan country often reports, partisan vow from whole world Moslem holy battle organization emerges. Kelanniaotuo cites prophetic view, do not make a pledge partisan and be ignorance to death is dead, namely not of believe in Allah dead. Think Moslem (perhaps go up in this problem, think Nazarene) how does look upon Allah serve the spirit that absolutelies refuse to to know true religion. Apparent, they are couldn't get already save, can be cursed only. Same, kelanniaotuo says, although those admit all-pervasive Allah is engaged in prayer Moslem, but arrive dead to be done not have to lawful Harry hair makes a pledge partisan assume the obligation in oath, not be completely Mohammedan the lifetime that spend. I say this means the great majority Moslem on the history, and mixed 1924 the gone Moslem between 2014, it is what do not believe is dead. Kelanniaotuo nods gravely. Because Harry is sent,I can say the country is Mohammedan only got rebuilding.

I ask him the partisan question to Mohammedan country, he corrects me to say I cannot say I had pledged immediately partisan. He reminds me, according to Australian law, partisan Mohammedan country is illegal. But I think (Bagdad enlighten) contented and all requirement, he says again. I can be blinked to you only blink, you are willing how to think.

Want to become an eligible Harry to send, must accord with abdicate Buddhist nun to send the Moslem that the condition that teachs a law to put forward has Quraysh blood relationship grown man; Show the honesty of morally, maintain body and mind complete; Have authority ("amr) . Kelanniaotuo says, last standard is the most difficult implementation, it asks Harry sends Wang Yong to have the territory that can implement Mohammedan law. Bagdad enlighten on June 29 early realized this one before, and once came true, the western convert of this group cavalcade overcomes Lanniaotuo to describe him to begin to talk about the religious obligation that announces Harry delivers a state for similar cacique. He and someone else can tell those control stealthily the person of influence, continue protracted it is sin.

Come from Mohammedan country the card of gregarious media shows, capital punishment keeps be in it seems that happen.

Kelanniaotuo says, if continue protracted, one clique rises to Bagdad enlighten constituent battle. They to Mohammedan country each powerful member prepared a letter, expression sends the dissatisfaction of king to appointing Harry, but get spokesman Adinani (Adnani) conciliation, adinani tells these the person to a secret is in namely avowed before, breath out li of king via announcing already, arrived they have this time only an option. If he is lawful, kelanniaotuo says, you must partisan him.

Last year July Bagdad enlighten after doing preach, the person that have many emperor fight everyday is taking new motivation to flow into Syria. Will visited J RgenTodenh of the politician before is the German writer of Mohammedan country reached December? Fer reports, in weak point the recruit that there are 100 soldiers to arrive at to be located in Turkey border land in two days stands. In addition, his report shows, the foreigner is flowed into ceaselessly, be willing to abandon an all medium things, he says in the report, the foreigner still is in flow into ceaselessly, these people prepare to abandon everything in the home searching heaven to be in world worst place only.

Bainadehaikeer is to study Mohammedan country the lay group with thought the mainest field is authoritative, think this organization is rebuilding in strive inchoate Mohammedan configuration, the warlike criterion with faithful Mohammedan emersion. This organization has to the Koran lection a kind of diligence and be obsessed with the serious interest like.

Be in with Kelanniaotuo a week before have dinner, I interviewed to be called AlMuhajiroun (settler) by regulative the 3 renown members of Mohammedan organization Anjiemuqiaodarui (AnjemChoudary) , Abubala (AbuBaraa) He Abo. They express to hope immigrant is Mohammedan country, a lot of partner had gone, but the passport that authorities confiscated them. Like Kelanniaotuo, they think Harry is sent is the has morality exclusively government on the earth, but they everybody is willing to admit oath faithfulness. Their infer I, main to the position that explains Mohammedan country, and the law that how its policy reflected Allah.

The leader before tall of 48 years old amounts to luck is this organization. He often appears in cable television news, regard the minority that producer can go to about as one of a few people, these people will be strong defend is Mohammedan country, be dropped by clutch till microphone. He is the braggadocio with famous England, but believe in of he and his chela sincerity ground is Mohammedan country, and go up in doctrinal problem, with Mohammedan country accent agrees. Qiao Darui and someone else are in to Mohammedan country the dweller is offerred push special data side and famous, abubala has a channel on YouTube, the answer concerns Yisilafa's issue.

Since last year September, authorities is investigating these 3 people to be suspected of supporting terroristic issue all the time. Because face investigation, they must see me respectively: The communication between them is met the regulation that infringe bails. Talk with them nevertheless, I feel like seeming to follow the same individual that taking different veil to talk. Qiao Darui and I am in east the meeting of a confectioner of London suburb Ilford. He is worn decent, very straight blue appearance extends an ankle almost, there is red ox beverage when the talk.

Before Harry sends a country to appear, perhaps the Mohammedan law of 85% did not get executive in our life, qiao Darui tells me. Had Harry to send till us (Khilafa) , these law just are not laid aside to breath out li of hair country we had a Harry to send now. For example, if do not have Harry to send, constabulary individual must not throw the hand that steal after capturing thief on the spot. But after building Harry to deliver a state, this one code, with many other laws and regulations, can revive suddenly. From theoretic tell, responsible immigrant goes to all Moslem the Harry that practices these law delivers a state. Your pupil chela of Qiao Darui is called Abulumaya to surpass (AbuRumaysah) , turn from Hinduism and the ceremony of proclaiming sb a Buddhist is Mohammedan, will escape a police last year in November, take 5 home Syria. Qiao Darui sees in me that day, lu Maya contest showed a piece of his picture on Twitter, he is taking Kalashennikefu single-handed type machine gun, another hand is holding the son that just was born in the arms. Label is #Generationkhilafah.

Harry sends a country to must implement Mohammedan law. To any occurrence deviation, the person with partisan oath wants to report to Harry hair under the counter its are wrong, below extreme circumstance, if insist not to change, should drive out piece religion, replace. (this major problem is perplexing me all the time, perplex me still have this kind of responsibility, a very heavy responsibility, bagdad enlighten say in preach. ) as redound, harry sends a country to ask to be subject to the person that those hold to to support blame Moslem government all the time, after passing proper warning and education to their sin, come-outer be regardinged as.

Qiao Darui says, because have some of political power,say, for example Saudi Arabia, partial ground implements Mohammedan law, because let people produce misunderstanding to Mohammedan law, execute behead to the murderer especially dene, throw the hand of thief. The problem depends on, he explains, such place carries out the Saudi Arabia only c

riminal law, the society that did not offer Mohammedan way however and economic justice this is to teach the integral plan of the law to be able to cause people to be opposite only the animosity of Mohammedan law. He says, integral plan includes to everybody free housing, food, dress, of course, anybody hope is moved through fatigue rich rise to also go.

Aboduermaxide of 32 years old continues to develop along these train of thought. I am in place when he seeing in a cafeteria, dress up chicly like the person that he is having holy fight: The mustache of chaotic, afghan cap, there is a purse outside the dress, look the thing that covers like the gun that hang a shoulder to go up in repeatedly. We sat, he discusses welfare issue eagerly. Mohammedan country is in to moral malfeasant punish with mediaeval type (drink wine or extramarital executive whip punishment, adultery is bungled dead with stone) , but plan of its social welfare, at least in some way, progress so that can make MSNBC expert satisfied. He says, medical treatment is free. (is England not free also? I ask. Not be actually, he says. Some treatment are not free, for example eyesight operation. ) he says, offer social welfare and the policy choice of Mohammedan country, however the policy with Allah internal law is compulsory.

3. is apocalyptic

All Moslem admit, only Allah just knows future. But they think at the same time, allah lets us in the Koran and prophetic narration be able to peek future. With have motion of battle of almost all and other sage to differ, mohammedan country thinks he is one of central people that are kept into Allah script. To act this part, mohammedan country and its elder are shown most bold bid farewell, the religious property of their mission is most clear also.

Overall and character, the behavior that base organizes resembles subterranean polity, there is lay target to drive out from Arabia peninsula from beginning to end in its eye shot blame Moslem, eliminate Israel, stop to support the dictatorship of Moslem country. Mohammedan country also pays close attention to lay thing (the rubbish processing that includes to control an area in its and water supply service) , but the battle of doomsday is its conduct propaganda advocate tone. Press the battle that enters the doomsday that mentions rarely originally, now and then when mentioning, before he thinks in magical penalty this one gallant hour comes it seems that, he puts in Western Paradise 's charge early with respect to the life. The abdicate Buddhist nun of Yu Jingying of one's previous experience sends Benladeng and Zawaxili family, they look down on this kind to guess, think this is the business that ordinary people shares, the Wei Er that Bulujinsi learns Maikekanci (WillMcCants) say, he is writing a book of the apocalyptic thought about Mohammedan country.

Under photograph comparing, be in the United States last years of occupational Iraq, the direct founders of Mohammedan country, nowhere does not see the sign of doomsday times. They are expecting one year in Mahedi (Mahdi) , mohammedan Immanuel) be similar to Messiah (Christian Immanuel) Moslem capturing victory will be led to will arrive before doomsday. Maikekanci says, in a of Iraq distinguished Mohammedan member is in early warned Benladeng 2008, those who lead this organization is the devotee that chiliad beatitude says, these people keep talking about Mahedi, advent date makes the Mahedi that figures according to them the strategy is decision-making. Base organization must be written to (these leader) , said not to work.

To certain and true believer they yearn for the sort of epic kind of good and evil is right definitely the occasion of bathed in blood of doomsday decisive battle, can satisfy the need in psychology. The Mohammedan state that I had seen proponent, be like Australian Musakelantuoniao, show strong interest to doomsday decisive battle, before also paying close attention to doomsday to come, Mohammedan country is mixed the appearance of the world. Oneself achieve his one share that forecast formerly, not be in doctrine. But other part is to be based on the abdicate Buddhist nun of the mainstream to send lection, in the conduct propaganda of Mohammedan country everywhere is seen. Include among them, only 12 Harry are sent, bagdad enlighten it is the 8th; Roman army will be in Syrian north and Mohammedan military extensive experience, mohammedan be opposite finally with what turn over Immanuel will happen in Jerusalem definitely, time is Mohammedan new and occupational Jerusalem after period of time.

Mohammedan country takes Syrian A seriously to strap particularly quite the big city comparing grave around. The declare war journal of Mohammedan country uses Dabiqiu's name, be in occupational (with high price) the insanity after the strategic value is not high area all round this city is celebrated. Allegedly prophet ever had said here, roman main forces will pitch a camp. Mohammedan main forces will encounter with its here, dabiqiu is slippery iron Lu of Rome, how to perhaps carry tower Mu (the turning point in war of American north and south) .

The large greater part that compare grave is farm, the proponent of a Mohammedan country is being pushed recently go up especially write. Can imagine hold large-scale fight here. Mohammedan country publicizes the home to yearn for this battle, allude it to be able to come very quickly ceaselessly. The word of magazine quote Za Kawei says Mohammedan state: Spark is lighted in Iraq, igneous situation will add rigidity to arrive ceaselessly the Crusades that lights Dabiqiu. Because a lot of prophecy point out main forces will be equestrian clearly,the near future publicizes video one paragraph to broadcast extract of Hollywood mediaeval war perhaps is fight, enginery of use ancient time.

Now, they are already occupational Dabiqiu, wait for the arrival of enemy only, beat them to be met of open doomsday decisive battle time. Western media often not quite the content that notices Mohammedan country concerns Dabiqiu in video, pay close attention to the behead setting of those be astonished people only. In Dabiqiu we are burying the Crusades of the first United States, waiting for the advent of other unit anxiously, in a paragraph of video last year November, say of a person that cheat face carry out a death sentence. What appear in video is Peter (Abodulelaheman) the head that Kaxige is left by behead, he is a rescuer, already was locked up a year many. Will be last year in December in Iraqi battle, holy battle team member reports (it is to sign up for by accident probably) there is American soldier in the battle, mohammedan country is pushed go up especially be mad with joy, like seeing with respect to the host that resembles enthusiasm the first guest comes.

Prophetic treatise is fatidical, the enemy of Dabiqiu's battle is Rome. But after all who is Rome, put in controversy however, because pope has done not have army now. Tuoniao explains Dan Kelan say, what Rome points to is east Rome is Caesarean, the Istanbul that its capital is today. We should think Rome is Turkey republic is the republic that the last self-given Harry ends to deliver a state 90 years ago. Other Mohammedan compatriots person think, rome also can be any gentile army, the United States is very legionary accord with this.

Holy battle team member people report (it is to sign up for by accident probably) when American soldier discovering in the battle, mohammedan country is being pushed go up especially be mad with joy, like seeing with respect to the host that resembles enthusiasm the first guest comes.

Kelantuoniao says, after the big battle that compare grave, harry sends a country to will get dilate, occupational Istanbul. Somebody thinks it will cover whole world, dan Kelan Tuoniao thinks to won't cross Bosipulusi channel. Dajiaer is called in the work that concerns doomsday decisive battle in Moslem (Dajjal) oppose Immanuel person, will breathe out from what be located in Iranian the eastpart part Luo Shan (Khorasan) the area comes over, kill large quantities of Harry hair soldiers, final a remnant 5000 people, be in by besiege Jerusalem. Dajiaer is annihilating them when, mohammedan in the 2nd most the prophetic Jesus that gets respect, will put in the earth 's charge again, stab Dajiaer to death, lead Moslem to gain a victory.

Kelantuoniao says, mohammedan country is legionary above what what say is Mohammedan army, only Allah knows. But he still is full of expectation. Prophet has said, the evidence before doomsday arrives is people very long talk about doomsday no longer, he says. You go nowadays mosque, imam people keep silence to this problem. According to this theory, mohammedan country also is indifferent to repeatedly by defeat, because Allah has been set beforehand, want to destroy his people almost. Mohammedan country had better be in with worst day thereinbefore.

4. fights

The ideological chasteness of Mohammedan country has a corresponding profit: It makes us OK forecast the certain behavior of this organization. Aosamabenladeng is forecasted hard. He ends himself when TV is interviewed, appear particularly mysterious first. The Peter of CNN asks him especially inside A: What plan you didn't have? Benladeng answers: You can see on media those who hear, if Allah place wishs. Contrary, mohammedan country boasts publicly however although oneself plan is not entire content, but listen attentively to carefully, enough concludes its administration and outspread plan.

Be in London, qiao Darui and his student described the foreign policy that the Mohammedan state that already became Harry to deliver a state now is about to implement in detail. The battle of aggression sex emperor that it had begun Mohammedan law place to say, dominate to blame Moslem namely national force is outspread. Up to now, we just still are in defend oneself, qiao Darui says. Deliver a state without Harry, knowledge of battle of aggression sex emperor the concept of a kind of impracticability. But enlarge Harry to deliver a state through the war territory is one of primary responsibility that Harry sends.

The war law exemple that Qiao Darui does his utmost to carry out Mohammedan country describes benevolent rule, despotic rule of and rather than. He tells me, the emperor that cross of the compulsory behead of enemy of Mohammedan state-owned deterrence, hammer and servile woman children frighten the enemy so that fart rolls make water to flow namely instructs, because so do the arrival that can win quickly, avoid long conflict.

Bubalaa explains colleague A of Qiao Darui, mohammedan law permits provisionality and smooth pact only, do not get more than 10 years. Same, character of place of prophet of no less than, accepting any border to differentiate also is should the thing of anathema, the conduct propaganda of Mohammedan country also mirrors instead in video this kind of viewpoint. If breath out li of hair to ratify long-term peace treaty,permanent perhaps border differentiates, he made a mistake. Provisionality peace treaty is OK add period, but cannot apply to all enemies at the same time; Breath out li of hair to must start holy war every year at least. He perhaps is not gotten overblown, drop into sin condition otherwise.

The political power that can place on a par with Mohammedan country was to slaughter Kampuchea the gules Cambodia of about 1/3 population. Dan Gong lubricious Cambodia owns a seat in U.N. . Such doing is unallowed, abubalaa says. Accredit an ambassador to admit the authority besides Allah namely to U.N. . He thinks, this kind of diplomacy escapes namely (Shirk) , or belief is much more magical, meet immediately Rangbagedadi becomes religion heretical and be replaced. Although use democratic means,accelerate Harry to send a country to arrive the political candidate that for instance vote supports Harry to deliver a state also is escape with a kind (Shirk) .

Radicalism will cruelly kill Mohammedan country arrives why to be planted degree, it how say to also do not calculate is beyond the mark to how say to also do not calculate. The Wister that contemporary international system was born 1648 cut down benefit inferior peace treaty (PeaceofWestphalia) , it is built in all countries, no matter how loath, should respect border to differentiate over the foundation. To Mohammedan country, this kind of esteem is ideological the suicide that go up. The organization of other Mohammedan creed, for instance Moslem frat is mixed Hamas, succumb the temptation at the people, the hope is invited community of acceding state border, include to win the seat of U.N. . Although Taliban such organization, negotiate and good-tempered also act well sometimes. (Taliban is regnant the Afghanistan below and Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and each other of A couplet chief of a tribe appointed an ambassador. Look in Mohammedan country, enough of this one action proves political power of class of the benefit that it is a tower is illegal. ) look in Mohammedan country, these can not do, it is betray teaching behavior (Apostasy) .

The United States reachs the reaction of its allied country to Mohammedan country, slow, and be at a loss absently apparently. The ambition of this organization reachs overall strategy blue print, mixed early in its announce 2011 gregarious media discusses in announce clearedly come out. It is Syria and Iraq only at that time one of numerous and horrible organizations, did not commit massive savage act. Its spokesman Adenani tells his follower at that time, the target of this organization rebuilds namely Mohammedan Harry delivers a state, he still mentions doomsday decisive battle, say om a few days will come. 2011, bagdad enlighten cacique of the person that already believed him fashion into, and this one appellation often leaves Harry to send. April 2013, the prophetic way that Adenani announces to begin to prepare to deliver a state with Harry is new the motion of compose buy world. August 2013, he says: Our target builds a Mohammedan nation that does not admit any national boundaries with prophetic means namely. Right now, should organize the provincial capital that already occupational Syria visits, have those who make an appointment with 500 thousand population to play card, attract those who hear call a lot of foreign country soldiers.

If we can identify the purpose of Mohammedan country in time, the purpose that the vacuum region that realizes Syria and Iraq can give it him implementation provides vast space, so the border that we can ask Iraq strengthens it and Syria at least, inferior with Iraq compromise is reached before Nipadi. Such doing can capturing in Mohammedan country at least Iraq the 3rd big city, after announcing to establish Harry to deliver a state, avoid incident to produce the propagandist effect of shock sex. However, a year many before Aobama is right still " new York guest " say, he thinks ISIS is the young associate that base organizes only. The president says: Reserve team puts on lake person group to take, do not change division comparing.

We fail to identify Mohammedan country and the division that base organizes, fail to distinguish the essential distinction of both, what create risk as a result is decision-making. For instance, last year the autumn, american government approval rescues those to get desperate plan of Kaxige. Between the author that this plan is carried out is requirement and organization of a few Mohammedan countries and base actually interactive, this is what kind is brash and cursory.

The Mohammedan state that knows according to us is all circumstance, continueing to let its bleed slowly is helpless it seems that the best method in martial choice.

This employs Abumuhanmodemakedisi with respect to need (AbuMuhammadalMaqdisi) , za Kawei and base organize high-level adviser. He can seek the student previously, Mohammedan state ideological director Tuerjibinali (Turkial-Binali) , although Yinmakedisi criticizes 2 people Mohammedan country and part on bad terms. Mark enlighten this the England that children carries to help goods and materials toward Syria before ever appealing Mohammedan country is condonable rents driver Allan go smoothly coulds there be. According to " defend a newspaper " will report last year in December, american government requests mark through bagman enlighten this prevent Mohammedan state killing Kaxige.

Mark enlighten this freely life is in Jordan at that time, but do not allow he and foreign terrorist to maintain connection, be monitored by rigor. Jordan allows the United States Rangmakedisi contacts Binali afresh, mark enlighten this the fund that uses American bought a phone, communicated a few days happily with the student before him, later Jordanian government break down this kind of connection, arrested mark for excuse with this enlighten this. After a few days, block the head that case behead leaves on the west to appear in Dabiqiu's video.

Mark enlighten this pushing go up especially suffer Mohammedan state the callosity of vermicelli made from bean starch sneers at, base organization also does not admit because of refus Harry delivers a state and suffer greatly add distain. The v/arc bounties bestowed by a monarch or an official of cloth of scholastic division Er that studies Mohammedan state is ideological was reading mark enlighten the viewpoint on Si Zaiheng peaceful condition, think this kind of viewpoint quickened the death of hostage of henry peaceful etc. If I become the pawn of Mohammedan country, mark enlighten this say I ought not to be killed, he tells me to say, I must say to do obeisance to with oneself did obeisance to.

Kaxige's dying is a tragedy, but should plan this answering more successful. Mark enlighten this begin close world with Binali and solution behoove two most the main crack between mahatma battle organization. To achieve information or assassination goal, the government thinks out Binalila only. (attempt to let FBI publish a comment to did not get a response to this hard for many times. ) anyhow, the purpose is in the United States two basically act bagman part between horrible adversary, show judgement is differred how breathtakingly!

As a result of the inhospitality of our early days, can pass agent of Kuerde and Iraq to face Mohammedan country to resort to arms on battlefield only now, add periodic air attack. This kind of tactics fails to change Mohammedan place state pilot any main territory, but held off them to assault directly Bagdad and Aerbier, check they slaughter over assorted leaf sends the people and person of library Er heart.

Appeal of home of a few observation is adopted upgrade the action, can in order to expect, include to come from among them slant the sound of right interventionist (mark Sibute, fulideli gram calorie pleasant) , they are urged send troop of several United States. Do not answer to reject this kind of sound instantly, because brazenly undertakes phyletic at the door the home that slaughtered organization has come to to the victim, control an area to commit savage act in its everyday.

A kind of method can eradicate Mohammedan country is right of its epigone puzzle, that defeats it from the military affairs namely, occupational and current the Syria that is dominated by Harry hair country and Iraqi area. Base organization eradicates hard, because it can turn into underground,be, continue to live like cockroach. Mohammedan country however cannot such. Lose the domanial control of pair of Syria and Iraq, mohammedan country cannot send a country to exist as Harry. Harry sends a country to cannot regard underground as athletic presence, because own territory,be its requirement: Once it is opposite purify to be controlled domanially, those partisan oath no longer effective. Of course, previously partisan person can continue to atttack the west, carry out behead to the enemy, but can go severally only thing. Harry sends propagandist value of the country to also will vanish completely, return abreactionly at the same time Xiang Jiqian moves reach the religious responsibility that is its work for. If the United States is started,inbreak, mohammedan country is right what compare the battle of grave greatly is cranky show it can throw huge natural resources, resemble throwing a groovy battle same. If Mohammedan country is in Dabiqiu is devoted and main, meet only suffering a crushing defeat, so it must not recover from an illness forever.

However, the risk of war escalation is tremendous. Agitate United States is started inbreak the most active is Mohammedan country itself. The person that wearing the carry out a death sentence of black headgear abuses Aobama's president provoke sexual video, it is war of be involved in of intentional general United States apparently. Inbreak the tremendous victory on conduct propaganda of the person that the action will become war of whole world emperor: No matter whether partisan Harry is sent, they believe the United States wants to start a modern the Crusades war, slaughter Moslem. Inbreak to confirm this kind of view with occupational meeting, promote the personnel recruit of Mohammedan country. Add the incapacity that serves as occupant before, we have the reason of hesitation. After all, the rise of ISIS because before us occupational created a vacuum for Zakawei and its epigone. Who knows what kind of consequence another clumsy action causes?

Be opposite according to us the full understanding of Mohammedan country, passing air attack and proxy battle to let it bleed slowly is the best method in the martial alternative that does not see well it seems that. Person of library Er heart and people of assorted leaf clique won't bend forever, whole abdicate Buddhist nun sends incontrollable also Syria and Iraq central area they hate over, also do not have this kind of ambition besides. But they can prevent Mohammedan state outspread. Another month of ground couldn't get dilate in January, mohammedan country more and more the conquer country of unlike prophet Mohammed, meet only more and more the government of another middle east that resembles cannot bringing happiness and benefit to people.

Allowing the humanitarian cost that Mohammedan country exists is very exalted. Although people often organizes Mohammedan country and base confuse sth with sth else, but it is done not have however to American menace so big. Base organization core is relatively scarce in holy battle organization, the enemy that what it pays close attention to is distance (namely the west) , and the main goal that holy battle organizes other great majority is at the door the home, mohammedan country especially such, its reason is it is ideological: Thinking is the enemy everywhere. Although the leader of Mohammedan country is right the United States also cherish animosity, but national applying Sha Liya is sent in Harry (Sharia) the law enlarges territory ceaselessly just is first job. Bagdad enlighten say very directly: He will tell his sand is especially procuratorial in November, cope with Lafeida above all (namely assorted leaf is sent) it is Sulule next (namely the abdicate Buddhist nun with especially regnal sand proponent) the base that just is the Crusades and them next.

Qiao Darui of Musakelantuoniao and An Jie Mu is OK, apparent two things can let them feel cheerful.

Foreign nationality soldier (and their wife child) hold single ticket to hurry off to Harry to deliver a state: They hope to leave the life in true Shaliyafa, a lot of people still hope to become martyr. Did not forget, doctrine asks true believer must use up all likelihoods to live in Harry to deliver a state. Burn-up of the person that the video with a paragraph of Mohammedan not quite bloody country broadcasted a flock of emperor battle their France, England, reach the picture of Australian passport. For the person that winds Lu float palace to detonate suicidal bomb to perhaps hijack another chocolate inn in Sydney in visiting crowd to those hopes, this kind of move is very unusual.

Minority is Mohammedan alone wolf proponent assaulted western target, and there still is more assault in the future. But what most charger attributes spare level is frustrated person, be confiscated because of the passport or other reason cannot change delivers a state toward Harry. Although avouch supports Mohammedan country,these atttack it to orchid country was not engineered or had aided financially an any assault through publicizing a machine to give support Dan Yisi. (January portion is right " the weekly that check put in order " assault basically organizes an operation by base. ) when Yougentuodenghuofu will visit Masuer last year in December, the German emperor battle that ever covered rich state of form of a body person, ask the partner that is him returns Europe to launch assault. This emperor battle person think to go back it seems that be not a soldier, however hookey. Actually, those people that leave Mohammedan country to go back should feel regret, he says. I hope they examine their religious belief afresh.

Should surround only proper, mohammedan country is probable ego is ruined. Any countries won't make

its ally, ideological make this kind of circumstance won't get a change. Although Mohammedan country pilot domain is vast, but mostly the place that unsuited mankind lives, and extremely barren. It professes to represent Allah will, it is the emissary of doomsday decisive battle, but once territory stops dilate,perhaps narrow, this kind of view can be changed infirmly, come affiliation believer can decrease. As more interior miserable besides reportorial exposure comes out, the motion of radical Mohammedan creed of other place also meets be bankrupt in reputation: This is to use violent applying Shaliyafa's most severe place, also be this appearance nevertheless.

Even if is such, mohammedan country also very won't fast die out, the situation becomes likely still very bad: What if Mohammedan country gains base,organize is partisan can enhance its to believe numerous solidarity basically to be able to make deadly enemy immediately, exceed all enemies that we had seen once upon a time. Mohammedan country and the crack that base organizes are in a few the middle of a month were deepened somewhat it seems that in the past; December " Dabiqiu " the person that published organizations of pair of a base to flee is full length interview, the constituent corruption that the person that flee describes him to be in so is incompetent, zawaxili stands high above the masses, extremely asymmetry duty. But the possibility to two become reconciled, should we observe carefully?

Without such disaster, perhaps did not appear Mohammedan country attacks Aerbier (the menace of Erbil) , mass territory attacks affirmation to be able to make a situation more exasperate only.

5. is dissuaded

Calling Mohammedan country the problem that the problem is Mohammedan existence is peripheral, contain the suspicion that is its absolve responsibility for an offence even. Mohammedan allow a variety of differring unscramble, and Mohammedan country the proponent is only persistent on morality and justice a kind when what choose at them. However, criticizing Mohammedan country simply is not Mohammedan meet only things go contrary to one's wishes, had read the Koran to those especially textual person, a lot of ways that they see Harry delivers a state are written on Confusion classics in vain obviously.

Moslem people can say slavery shows illegimate already, hammer cross is in at present this history period is a mistake. A lot of people are so say. But, they cannot slave of harbour of condemnation of ground of call a spade a spade perhaps nails cross, otherwise they produce contradiction with respect to meeting and the Koran and prophetic example. The anti of Mohammedan country can take position of a kind of principle only, namely Mohammedan certain core lection and traditional standard guide already no longer effective, bainadehaikeer says. However itself of this one view already was betray teaching behavior.

Of Mohammedan country ideological specific to some crowd has powerful ascendant. On ideological side, the affectation in the life and duplicity disappear the ground into thin air. The Sa Lafei follower of a religion that Musakelantuoniao and I had seen in London lets a person defy hard: All questions that I raise they can blurt out replies. They keep preaching to me, if accept the premise of their set, this kind preachs very convincing. Look in me, call blame Moslem them, invite them to attend namely they are sure the debate that can win. If they are some of bedlamite that saliva chaos flies to only, I can predict their motion destroys ego, because of bedlamite people not be ground of one after another detonates him, turn the flesh that falls for unmanned aircraft into sauce namely. But the essence with these person learned opinion on public affairs follows a standard, make I feel the academic communication that seems to attending Gao Shuiping. Get along to let me feel happy even with them, this kind of thing and other are all a lot of things, let me feel scared.

Blame Moslem cannot teach Moslem how to should believing firmly the religion that gives his. But in Moslem interior, early began this kind of debate before. Must have a level, qiao Darui tells me. Can profess Moslem, dan Ruxin acts according to a homosexual to perhaps drink, that is not Moslem. This is just like the vegetarian that did not have meat or fish same.

Nevertheless, mohammedan in have group of another manner strong, they do not wish to compromise as Mohammedan country, but the conclusion that offer is completely as opposite as its however. No matter be to curse or be blessed, all detail that a lot of Moslem mentally yearn for to see divine lection get executive in the life, resemble Mohammedan inchoate and same. This one faction has appeal to these people. Mohammedan country knows the Moslem that how copes with those to disregard content of the Koran part: Execute Dakefeier (namely expulsive teach the door) , acid perhaps and derisive. But they also know, like still having a few Moslem and them, meticulous ground reads the Koran, constituted genuine ideological menace.

Bagdad enlighten it is a believer of Sa Lafei clique (Salafi) . Sa Lafei this word reputation is bad, partial reason is to truly dance of rascally Ceng Hui is worn banner commit primes of Salafeipa. But the person that most Sa Lafei sends believer to be not holy battle, the faction that most person place belongs to rejects Mohammedan country. Er of gram of sea of no less than points out in that way, they devote oneself to to enlarge Dalayisilan (Daral-Islam, ) , namely Mohammedan feudal, carry out harbour slave and amputation possibly even this kind of cruel practice but that is in prospective some hour. Their first job is an individual purify and pursue religion strictly, any hampering that the thing of this target may interrupt life for instance, interference prays to instigate with what lection studies war and making queasy conduct is strict illicit.

They are beside us. Last year the autumn, I go Philadelphia a mosque, the Sa Lafei that visited 28 years old sends Yimamubuleidubo to rest this, its given name is Abodula. The mosque that he is in is Philadelphia crime rate at the same time very tall northward freedom sends an area (NorthernLiberties) , across is to be able to call amount to the person that pull tide (wet person area) high-grade community. With respect to the beard that wears by him, ambulate at will in wet person, won't cause the attention of others.

The existence on religion replaces the group with Mohammedan similar country, they also compromise anything but, but reach completely opposite conclusion.

Rich rests this be born in family of Chicago Poland Yi Tian's bishop, the ceremony of proclaiming sb a Buddhist 15 years ago is Mohammedan. Like Kelantuoniao, he speaks of a word to resemble a better, very perfectness and old lection, curious be about to let his its religiosity do not move with knowledge. He is certain these lection escape purgatorial only way. We are when meeting of a cafe of local, he is taking the Koran monograph of an Arabic, still have a Japanese book that self-study uses. He is doing obeisance to about 150 believer to prepare to concern the sermon of father clothings for Zhou Wuli.

Rich rests this say, his main task is to urge the follower of the mosque that comes to him people cross a kind of strict Islamic (Halal) the life. But of Mohammedan country rise abruptly make he must consider to be far from Salafei to believe numerous political problem usually. They are absolutely major about how to pray, how to wear the view of outfit, it is with me in mosque in tell exactly like. But respecting society convulsion, the tone that they talk resembles Qiegelawa.

Bagdad enlighten just appeared, rich rests this the catchword that calls a Harry that this is not me to send. Prophetic and located time is the times of big bathed in blood, he tells me, the state nothing is more... than that prophet knows the mankind is worst is queasy, be in especially Wu Ma (Moslem society) in-house. Accordingly, rich rests this say, numerous to Sa Lafei letter for, true attitude is not incendiary disaccord, not be to announce other Moslem is come-outer.

Contrary, believe with most Salafeipa numerous same, rich rests this think Moslem should be far from politics. Like Mohammedan country. These are called the most noiseless Salafeipa also admits Allah law is only law, they are evasive found a political party or poll wait for a thing. But they are opposite the Koran disaccord and abhor queasily, unscramble the requirement keeps consistent with any cacique, include a few apparently guilty leader. Prophet has said: Want ruler to do not have apparent Kufr only (not channel) behavior, be about to be subject to generally he, rich rests this tell me, collect of classical emperor example is the warning cannot create social turmoil. Quietism Sa pulls phenanthrene believer to allow disrupt Moslem to be used for instance anything but large-scale expulsive teach the door. Rich rests this say, without Bai Yier (Baya A (partisan) ) the ground is living make a person ignorant really, or complete darkness. But Bai Yier (Baya A) not be right hair of a Harry expresses directly partisan, not be to A Bubakeerbagedadi expresses more partisan. Come from broad sense say, it is bond of pair of religious sex society is partisan, right perhaps the dedication of Moslem society, no matter whether be sent in Harry,dominate under.

Quietism Sa pulls phenanthrene believer to think, moslem should put energy on individual cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine, include week, ceremony and sanitation. Not come singly but in pairs, does extremely lineal Judaism argue does Sabbath pull a toilet to coil whether does paper accord with Judaic canon (do this calculate do not calculate tear apart cloth? ) also be such. Noiseless Sa pulls phenanthrene follower of a religion special care about trousers length appropriate and the clip of beard. They believe, so exquisite ground abides by Moslem ceremony, allah is met favor they, bestow their force, bless them to multiply, still bring what Harry sends to rise abruptly probably. Arrived at that time, moslem just can be avenged, right, gain glorious victory in Dabiqiu namely. But rich rests this quote says, a lot of contemporary Sa pull phenanthrene theology home to think, unless Allah has clear desire, breath out li of hair country be born is impertinent.

Mohammedan country thinks naturally, allah make choice of Bagdad enlighten. Rich rests Si Yiqian abdicate gives refute. The companion A of his quote prophet predicts Dulayibenabasi's story, the person that Abodula and different see sits together, want them to hearten, admit his mistake to most clique as a few clique. Different sees can cause bleed to break up even Wu Ma (Mohammedan society) , be like so is unallowed. He says even Bagdad enlighten this kind of pattern that establishs Harry to deliver a state also is not accorded with anticipate. Harry delivers a state (Khilafa) should by how to pull build, he tells me, harry sends the scholar that the country should be Mecca and Medina to reach consensus. Now is not this kind of circumstance however, ISIS is an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors.

Mohammedan country hates this kind of view, its fanaticism vermicelli made from bean starch is being pushed go up to sneer at substantially to denomination of quietism Sa Lafei especially, mock it to help phenanthrene group for menstrual Sa, when is because this one denomination is right,the woman judged cleanly very ambiguous, with etc a few not quite important trifling matters of everyday life. Need prohibits now the decretal that the woman rides a bicycle on Jupiter, have push special the card is mocked, scholars should pay close attention to this ability, biwuma (Ummah) the country is pressing much. Anjiemuqiaodarui says to distort the legal be of the most heinous guilt of Allah, those who safeguard Allah is exclusive, again radical also do not calculate injustice.

Rich rests this any support that do not seek American government, will balance interest as a kind. Really, official support can let his fame sweep the floor only, he always complains the United States is bad to him, the word that uses him says, did not regard him as citizen. (infiltrate of secret agent of service of his avouch government his mosque, his mother is annoyed in yard place, enquire he is potential terrorist. )

Nevertheless, the quietism Sa that he advocates pulls phenanthrene denomination is to be aimed at Bagdad enlighten the potion of activity of type emperor battle is Mohammedan fine medicine. Of one mind of the ceremony of proclaiming sb a Buddhist considers an action such devotional person is completely impossible to prevent those who enter holy battle, but those basically are to want to find a kind super and conservative absolutely true-blue person discovers another kind of alternative here however. This is not a kind of gentle Moslem; Great majority Moslem can think it belongs to an extreme. However, this is as special as a kind the personage that cares about text does not feel hypocritical to keep clear of profanatorily perhaps instantly its a lot of and disadvantageous kind of Mohammedan faction. Affectation is ideological a kind of intense youth's intolerable injustice.

Western official perhaps had better not not evaluate any disputes on Mohammedan theology. Balakeaobama claims Mohammedan country is not Mohammedan when, oneself already dropped into Dakefeier (Takfiri) what acid sense has in muddy water is, regard Moslem as the son but he what be not Moslem however, the likelihood is delimited be come-outer, and the Dakefeier that still is engaged in objecting Moslem (Takfir) activity. Blame Moslem is engaged in (Takfir) of the person that can draw holy battle derisive (the proposal that resembles be full of pig of excrement and urine to put forward wholesome respect to someone else directly, one is pushed judge exposition and argumentation especially. )

I suspect great majority Moslem can hold with Aobama's feeling: President and they stand together, object Bagdad already enlighten, also turn over the guilty to proving them person that be not Moslem jingo. Most Moslem joins holy battle not easily. Those are willing to attend holy battle to be able to confirm their doubt only: The United States lies on religious problem, in order to serve oneself purpose.

In the theology field with narrow oneself, mohammedan country is red-blooded, originality is sheer. However, gave this one range, it becomes as dry as a chip and drab extremely: The life is obedience, command and destiny merely. The thought of Musakelantuoniao and Qiao Darui of An Jie Mu is OK transfer discussion Vietnam coffee from the torment that ponders over massacre and eternity, sweet perhaps mug-up, and he is apparent can from 3 person in can feel cheerful. But look in me, embrace their point of view, have to let all disgraced gust become dull, and let the future world become vivid and barpque.

Going up somehow, accompany the thinking activity of Babylon feeling as a kind, I may like to be accompanied with them. Aoweier is in George to ground in March 1940 read " my struggle " when admit, oneself cannot not like Xitele at all; This kind of person although contemptible or its target is detestable, but there is some kind of thing to send out on the body the character that gives a kind of loser. Although kill a mice only, he also can let you feel is fighting with fierce dragon. Mohammedan nation group also has similar temptation. The meaning of the fight that they are certain they are engaged in crosses life itself far high. Want to stand in just one party only, throw this kind of exercise, it is a kind of honor and joy, struggle difficultly in need especially when.

Aoweier continues to write:

Tell from mentally, (fascism) more advisable than any hedonism life ideas socialism tells (capitalist even also meet with a kind of loather tone) people: I can give you good time. Xitele tells people however: I can struggle to you only, danger and death, result, whole country prostrates the foot in him to issue us not to want a zone its soulful appeal.

Same, the religion that we cannot underestimate Mohammedan country or the appeal on the thought. Mohammedan country serves as his credo with realizing prophecy instantly, this can tell us the courage of adversary is in at least. They had been done cheer the preparation that be completely annihilated, although get,surround still confident. Want to insist to believe prophetic example only, can win magical support. Ideological tool may let a few potential convert believe firmly quite, of this organization preaching is false; Martial tool may restrict its horror action. But the organization that teachs to rejecting to persuade so like Mohammedan country, other measure is very important also. This battle may be relatively protracted, although it won't last,arrive forever.

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Responsibility edits: Zheng Lili


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