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South Africa sky shows rarely to mind the cloud is raided like UFO fleet

Login register sky of south Africa of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to show rarely to mind fleet of Yun Rufei dish will raid origin: ?  tries know well?2015-11-11 11:0Edition of

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A netizen shared him to film south Africa opens Pu Duitian's empty pod shape cloud. (Webpage cut pursues)

According to England " daily Post " will report on November 9, local time on November 8, the 2nd big city opens south Africa general honest (Cape Town) sky appears infrequent pod shape cloud, shape is like UFO, bring a citizen to astonish, take a mobile phone to take a picture in succession accept as a souvenir.

According to atmosphere expert model amounts to Mu (Introduction Van Dam) , pod shape cloud is phenomenon of a kind of natural weather, often appear when humid air in the sky passes a mountain range. If air is in,the temperature when in the sky passing a mountain range drops, the moisture in air can condense into pod shape cloud. (Grain of rice)

Another netizen shares a photograph, weigh general honest sky to be enveloped by peculiar pod shape cloud today. (Webpage cut pursues)

Aerography home Fandamu weighs this kind of phenomenon is air when in the sky passing a mountain range temperature drops, the moisture with medium air condenses and become. (Webpage cut pursues)

A netizen says this kind of cloud is like day aerial tornado it seems that. (Webpage cut pursues)

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