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The United States blocks one high school of farming city to explode pornography is naked according to scandal about a hundred student is exchanged naked according to

In report will occupy new network on November 9 beautiful intermediary report, american division collect pulls much city to block farming city government to express, those who block a high school of farming city to at least 100 students exchange him is naked according to. According to saying this is the one part of gang of short message of a large-scale pornography.

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iving this one information, the parent feels indignant, administrator busies the clue that seeks negligence, police and area inquisitor office are discussing, whether to mention to partial participator the accusation of work of dispersed children pornography, include a few felonious accusation.

System of school of card farming city is in charge of assorted of Qiao Zhiwei Er to express, the student of high school of card farming city is passed on the mobile phone all the time read 300 to 400 pieces naked according to, include to exceed the photograph of 100 different children for certain. Weiershen says, involve a lot of children. He still expresses, the 8 grade student of the student that the child in the photograph occupies a letter is high school of card farming city and junior high school.

Weiershen says, the core of gang of this pornography short message is the member of Gao Hu team of card farming city, the school olive team that this team is high school of card farming city. Card farming city is a quiet half a rural area, population 16 thousand. Scandal stunned this district. To answer scandal, authorities was aimed at the parent of the parent of team team member and other student to hold community meeting respectively. This olive team already was forced to quit last race of this sports season.

Because hold or work of dispersed children pornography are felonious, accordingly check accuses just relatively serious. But because itself of major responsibility person is minor, another person still sends the picture after they are patted oneself occasionally, how should advance to the case, execute the law the official is very bemused also.

Shangmuledu expresses area inquisitor, the adult that I wish can do your favour to the top of one's bent this thing, but if involve the object is not full 18 years old, have a problem.

He expresses then, he arrests hundreds of children innocently, if decide to sue, he will be discreet act.

Weiershen expresses, block the student of farming city high school, have quite big one part person participated in this matter, involved man student and female unripe number look quite. The photograph shares action part to happen in the school, basically undertake through be called the mobile phone application of strong room application. These application look be like chasteness, some interfaces resemble a calculator same. But actually, many private picture can see after inputting a password.

Although short message of pornography of each other hair is a very rampant problem between the student, lay mines of president of high school of card farming city Temuli is accepted in the office when interviewing, express, but I hope the degree of other school does not have us so serious, I am afraid nevertheless, won'

t have us only.

This school student is described, classmates used a kind of emulative points system to collect a photograph. The mark of different student correspondence is different. Those who gather the student that everybody considers to look is naked according to, the person that collect can notch. Yisakesitelinge of 3 grade student calls high school him did not participate in a photograph to share an activity, he was accepted in outside school interview. He collect that schoolboy with most photograph to call a photograph pimp.

According to blocking farming city Ci of Er of easy of police chief Paul introduces, high school of card farming city already put the mobile phone that has hundreds of pieces of pictures to give police, investigation personnel identifies effort the hero of the photograph. Shu Erci says to have not arrest anyone, and the parent already received an announcement, knew what application can be used to conceal banned photograph.

Area inquisitor straps Du Biao to show, whether does investigation process have attention the adult to participate in, whether to have the child by threatening ginseng rather in, and whether had produced illegal sex contact.

Original title: One high school of American explodes pornographic scandal: Each other of about a hundred student is passed naked according to


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