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Day intermediary: Sino-Japanese will when lie between 5 years to restart economy of two countries high level speaks partly

Japanese joint company personage message will disclose cite related Sino-Japanese diplomacy on December 8 say, official of high level of Chinese the State Council plans to attend ministerial class at visitting day December 2016 economy of Sino-Japanese high level speaks, spreading out at this point at present

harmonious. Joint company predicts, honest officer is returned at the appointed time in will install times Jin Sanju guild to talk with Jap

anese premier. Sino-Japanese two countries last time high-level economy dialog was held in August 2010, this will when lie between nearly 5 years to restart partly. Joint company says, this whether make the exchange visits between head of Sino-Japanese two countries renascent make the central point henceforth.

The report says, government of Sino-Japanese two countries is anxiety-ridden to the global economic situation of complicated and confusing of all the more, the hope clutchs in economic domain have a conversation, the problem keeps apart the politics that still lasts its and contrary situation to come.

Joint company report still predicts, official of main minister class will attend Sino-Japanese two countries this economy speaks. Square the State Council is curule in dividing outside reaching official of Chinese Department of Commerce, square delegate basically includes day hero of article of cropland of foreign minister bank and Lin Ganxiong of posture of Japanese economy industry.

It is reported, dialog of Sino-Japanese economy high level is first-run the dialog is held at was in Beijing in December 2007, day just wait for sectional head of a department to attend by aquatic product of industry of financial, economy, aricultural, around is held 3 times in all, both sides undertakes the dialog was August 2010 recently. [round-the-world net reports reporter Wang Huan]


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