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Opposition of Burmese general election alleges triumph holds Shan Suji high: Election outcome " you understand "

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Burmese general election begins 9 days will in succession make out an invoice, democratic alliance of whole nation of the greatest opposition is full to victorious confidence, forecast will obtain exceed 7 to become wait for pick parliamentary seat.

Hold political federal consolidates with Wu Tai of development party chairman black admits to enter into an election contest suffer a defeat, express to will accept election outcome.

Hold Shan Suji high: You know election outcome

Before commission of Burmese and federal election begins to announce plan ticket result, banquet of the leader of an alliance of countrywide democratic couplet holds Shan Suji high to speak to the proponent in party headquarters, to civilian alliance victorious expression gives dye-in-the-wood hope. She says, full election outcome won't be in short-term inside announce, but I think, you know what the result will be.

Congratulation now our victorious candidate premature, hold Shan Suji high to say, I want to remind everybody, the candidate that lose an election must accept winner (be elected) , but important is, do not provoke the person that lose.

Civilian league spokesman tells Afp the reporter: We will win more than 70 % inside countrywide limits (wait for anthology) seat in a legislature.

In this second election, the candidate of 91 political parties and independent candidate add up to 6038 peopl

e contend is Burmese and various 1100 many seat in a legislature of the parliament. Consolidate federally as allied as development party and countrywide democracy choose many 1000 candidate attends enter into an election contest. Additional, according to Burmese constitution, the army secures the seat that owns 25 % in various parliament, do not arise by the election.

Be in office party chairman: Will accept a result

Consolidate with development party new preside Wu Tai black admits 9 days to enter into an election contest federally suffer a defeat. Consolidate sends party office 9 days to say in the morning, wu Tai black defeats Yi of appearance of Wu Qin of candidate of competitor, civilian alliance.

Later, when Wu Tai black accepts Reuter reporter to interview, admit to suffer a defeat, express poorly to ticket rebuke greatly open-eyed. We were defeated. I did not predict this one result, because we are people of this one area,did many thing. But, anyway, this is people's choice.

Wu Tai black expresses at the same time, will accept election outcome. We must be found suffer a defeat reason. However, we will be without reservation to accept election outcome.

The confederative parliament president that sends a party to save electorate bleaching a town to participate in suddenly solid on behalf of consolidate holds Wu Ruiman of people courtyard prolocutor concurrently 9 days release information on account of individual types of facial makeup in operas, admit to suffer a defeat and express congratulation to button of Wu Dan of candidate of victorious competitor, civilian alliance.

Burmese this second general election ends 8 days in smooth atmosphere. Wu Ye of Burmese president spokesman dash forward say when phone of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is accepted to interview after poll ends, very glad to see constituency polls eagerly, each just should accept people's option.

Burmese new a confederative parliament was held in January on next year first the conference, feburary election president, then establishs a government by new president. The lieutenancy of the current government that currently holds the post ofpresidential Wu Dengcheng's leader will at next year the bottom will end in March.

Burmese constitution: Naked official cannot become a president

To civilian alliance, this is not the victory that wins general election for the first time. 1990, hold Shan Suji high to ever guided civilian alliance to win general election, however, election outcome is not admitted by military government. Ever since 21 years, season of the element that hold hill high is put under house arrest to be in brokenly by military goverment abode is as long as 15 years.

The army the acceptance before this no matter result how, will admit this general election. According to Burmese and active constitution, hold Shan Suji high to participate in presidential general election without the qualification, so, if civilian alliance in control of is Burmese political power, hold Shan Suji high to with what identity will share political power? Is what did not come Burmese will move toward He Fang?

Although hold the absolutely cacique that Shan Suji is civilian alliance high, but the husband as a result of her and son are foreign nationality personage, according to Burmese constitution, she lost the qualification that becomes a president. Somebody suggests she, undeserved president can become a prime minister. And her answer is: Who says I want to become national prime minister, the premier is under the president, I had said, I will be over the president.

The leader is Burmese, it is the ul

timate goal that holds Shan Suji high. If undeserved president, what position still suits her?

Xu Liping of expert of problem of southeast Asia of courtyard of Chinese company division thinks, she may be become prolocutor, the word that perhaps uses her says, her position can surmount a president, this is possible. Be in now actually Burmese, real power character is not Burmese president Wu Dengcheng, however Burmese before army leader Dan Rui. So, the political framework of Burmese reality also enough proof, the president is not the person that has real power most. After passing an election so, if season of the element that hold hill high is not a president, also can become the person that has real power most.

So, after civilian alliance wins victory, season of the element that hold hill high whether the desire according to her, where is the democratic process that will Burmese belt hopes into her? Can Burmese political situation tend because of the victory of civilian alliance stabilize? Xu Liping thinks, no matter which just win victory, stable political situation is opposite inside short time Burmese for still be an incredible story.

Xu Liping analysis says, although civilian alliance wins victory, the army admits this general election, but after civilian alliance appears on the stage, want to be in office or should acquire right of form a cabinet, the likelihood needs and the army has process of play chess of a rich, can cause political instability. Additional, civilian alliance can carry out modification constitution likely, affect mediumly to weakening army to live in politics especially, should eliminate the army to be in the parliament especially the fixed chair of 25% , this may touch the cheese of the army. Both sides contradicts this kind should be inherent, may have a few conflict.

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(original title: Burmese general election, political party of leader of season of the element that hold hill high alleges triumph)

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