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Panjiwenbai visits Vietnam Pan to surname a family to be fastened by canard Vietnam person descendant

Occupy Han couplet company 3 days to report, because Pan Jiwen visited a Pan of local to surname a family during visitting Vietnam, and make a joke that is considered as Vietnam person descendant by accident by the outside.

Han couplet company says, near future of Vietnam socialization net is rife U.N. secretary-general is Vietnam person descendant. The report says, this matter wants restrospect to this year in May. At that time, the work that by a definite date begins 2 days toward Vietnam before Pan Jiwen is visited. In the last day that Vietnam lingers, he used madam of leisure time in the company of to visit a Pan that lives in the suburb inside the river to surname a family together, and to its on familial ancestral temple sweet, still leave a message: Regard Pan as familial member, regard U.N. as secretary-general again nowadays, my general writes down the instruction of ancestors sincerely.

At that time, this group Cheng was not announced external. But this paragraph of episode is in however recently Youtube, push space of network of special grade socialization to go up wide for transmission, meanwhile, the view that Pan Jiwen's ancestors is Vietnam person travels to come in Vietnam folk, think Pan Jiwen visit comes round to search an ancestor of hold a memorial ceremony for namely. Such gossip is increasing, the person that begins to discuss also begins not the person on network of be confined to.

Recently, vietnam media also begins to discuss ardently. Korea SBS TV station says 3 days, " Vietnam youth signs up for " ask an expert technically still to spread out all sorts of analysises to this. Among them, a few analysises think to should interpret this action U.N. secretary-general a simple diplomatic activity, do not answer excessive unscramble. And another some of analysis thinks (Pan Jiwen ancestors) Pan that may be exert to one's utmost of dynasty of Ceng Weixi hill is familial a medium, to avoid Ruan Wangchao's retaliation choice settles outside Yuan Fuhai later.

To a variety of conjecture that Vi

etnam society spreads, a response when the staff member accepts Han couplet company 3 days to interview weighs U.N. secretary-general office, at that time Pan Jiwen secretary-general before go visitting that someone, it is to hear this Pan surname is familial in Vietnam the scholarly family that is sainted, because of this ability 100 busy in before managing to find

time, go visitting, but this Pan surname is familial with him Pan Jiwen first ancestor do not have any relations. This staff member returns complement to say, in China and Vietnam, the person that surnames Pan is very much, please the outside is not excessive guess.

Interesting is, pan Jiwen ever still was shown to be Chinese descendant. Korea " news of capital home village or town " Ceng Yuan brings report of China News Service to say, introduce according to academia of archaeology of Chinese Fujian Province, the ancestors ancestral home of secretary-general of Pan radical article should be hill of Pan of city of Fujian Province spring, at present Korean the Pan surname other people in the center all is the Song Dynasty, yuan period is emigrant the person of Fujian spring city of Korea peninsula descendant, and fact of this be related is recorded between Korea Pan pedigree of a clan, affirm very easily. Accordingly, in those days after Panjiwen is elected as U.N. secretary-general, chinese Pan ancestor close meeting sent congratulatory telegram to Panjiwen, and the other side also expressed to thank.

(Original title: Pan Jiwen is denied is the scholarly family that Vietnam person descendant just visited place)


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