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Beijing of Russian president general appeals truth of wreck of plane of objective and reductive Russia

Xinhua net Beijing integrated Xinhua News Agency will be stationed in report on November 2 outside reporter report: Beijing of Russia president general expresses 2 days, should use up everything hard objective and reductive in Egypt on the west the truth of Russia plane wreck of Nai peninsula crash, in order to make Russia just can make corresponding response. Meanwhile, around plane accident cause make known his position to opinions vary, russia expresses to this about the respect, still do not eliminate possibility of any a kind of wreck.

General Beijing listened to the Suokeluofu of Russian transportation head of a department that returns Moscow from plane accident scene to be opposite that day the report of relevant circumstance. General Beijing expresses subsequently, this incident of Russian plane crash is a tremendous tragedy. He emphasizes, search job should hold to finally, cannot stop ahead of schedule, the staff member that asks to execute search mission in crash site is careful this area is periodic terror.

Meanwhile, peisikefu says secretary of Russian president news, in view of aircraft accident reason investigation job just spreads out, still cannot eliminate possibility of any a kind of wreck, express not to answer accident cause to undertake for no reason guess at the same time.

As we have learned, two black boxes already all found wreck plane, the expert that comes from Egypt, Russia, France, Germany and airbus company side is launching investigation with respect to plane accident cause.

Pujikefu of emergency head of a department was opposite the Russia that participates in investigation in Egypt that day media says, he himself carries office sign to grow Nielajike to already examined blacker-than-black case with Russian aviation, two black boxes all the case is good. He expresses, already was the same as dust just discuss, spread out below one phase to search investigation to work jointly, build the organization at the same time arrive from accident scene the traffic corridor of Egypt capital Caire, die in order to carry passenger individual article.

In addition, when Russia is stationed in Egypt ambassador Jierpiqinke to accepted reporter of Xinhua News Agency to interview that day, express, the analytic job of black box can la

st probably a few weeks, if have need, plane debris and black box or will by carry back Russia.

Jierpiqinke says at the same time, already 168 victim remains transfer Russia Sanket at 2 days of early morning, job of remains DNA appraisal undertakes successful. He confirms at the same time, all passengers all hold Russia passport, but among them a few people are returned at the same time hold Wu Kelan or White Russia passport.

Egypt " pyramid signs up for " website the word of Cecil of president of Egypt of 1 day of cite reports, egypt crashs ground of do one's best and Russia collaboration investigation real reason, he appeals the public should not is opposite prematurely crashing reason makes conclusions, should await professional investigation of the technologist.

Before this, nie pulls Ji Ke 1 day to confirm later on, in light of the debris that collects from area of Russia plane crash, the plane is when headroom already disintegrate. Wreck field survey shows, plane debris scatters the area is very large, exceed 20 square kilometer.

To this, the Russia division that wreck plane place belongs to adds thunder Mu Simiernuofu holds airline vice president 2 days the press conference expresses, the plane is in sky disintegrate cannot be brought about by engine trouble or aircraft syste

m breakdown, the reason of only possibility is a plane be come from external specific action. Russian aviation carries arrange immediately to express, such conclusion is still immature, and solid without the thing basis.

On October 31, russia division adds thunder Mu after from Egypt sanded Mu Shayihe flies to the plane of Russia Sanket to take off, airline is in before long Egypt on the west Nai peninsula crash, 217 passengers and 7 unit staff are shared on machine, include many 10 children, nobody survive. Beijing of Russian president general signed a decree that day, announce to will mourn day for the whole nation on November 1.

(Original title: Comprehensive information: Beijing of Russian president general appeals truth of wreck of plane of objective and reductive Russia)


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