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Debris of exposure of picture of satellite of spot of Russia wreck plane spreads all over 20 square kilometer

Login register debris of exposure of picture of satellite of spot of plane of wreck of Russia of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to spread all over: of origin of 20 square kilometer? ?2015-11-02 10:2 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http:// channel [summary] 2 of the plane black box had been found, the international that arrives at Caire in succession investigates a group to begin to analyse the data of black box.

In report will report new net integratedly on November 2, critical work ministry made public Russia Kejialeimu the satellitic picture of scene of airline plane accident, can see from insid

e the picture plane debris scatters the area is very vast. Additional, egypt aviation official shows, embarking crash Egypt on the west flight of Nai peninsula aviation accident the plane of 162 victim remains, local time 1 day of evening leave Caire to fly return Russia.

Local time on October 31, 2015, scatter in in the Russia plane debris of Egypt crash on the west in the desert of Nai peninsula, airframe already disintegrate.

Local time on November 1, 2015, russia Moscow, russia falls half-mast grieves over in victim of Egypt crash plane.

Russia just announces satellitic picture debris to scatter range is wide

Local time on October 31, russian division adds thunder Mu airline (the plane that from Egypt sanded Mu Shayihe flies to Russia Sanket is in Kogalymavia) on the west Nai peninsula crash. In the past the report says, the personnel on machine does not have life to return.

In the satellitic photograph that just publishs in Russia, red circle is a plane main debris, maize casing is rescuing group and goods and materials gather place, blue casing line out broadcast plane debris fragment.

Chairman of Russia aviation committee alls alone Luo Chengke makes a statement before this say, this plane is in the disintegrate in sky, plane debris spreads all over kilometer of about 20 square. But detailed accident cause, return at present premature to say.

Nieladeke of director of carriage bureau of Russian Federation aviation ever also expressed to distribute according to fractional debris the fact with very vast area, showing this airplane is to be in very tall high spallation disintegrate.

Russian plane carries victim remains to go back to the motherland to investigate aviation accident matter continuously

Official of an Egypt aviation says, 76 large transport carry this Yiliushen carry Russia division to add thunder Mu the victim remains of airline accident A321 plane, take off from Caire, will return Russia Sanket.

General office sends investigation personnel in the center of Russian investigation committee, in Egypt Nai peninsula participates in site of A321 plane crash on the west examine the work. At present the personnel that rescue still searchs victim remains in the spot.

Russia investigates commission spokesman Maerjin to express, investigation committee brings about investigation all sorts of possibility of crash of Russian A321 plane, include the technical stoppage that the airlines may appear.

2 of the plane black box had been found, the international that arrives at Caire in succession investigates a group to begin to analyse the data of black box; Expand in the rescueing team of catastrophic spot seek range, search other victim remains or potential survivor. Although dust Russia two countries opinionses vary to plane crash reason, but basic negative extreme organizes Mohammedan country branch alleges the statement that makes next aircrafts.

Seasoned flight experience transcends plane aircraft division 10 thousand hours

Fu Er adds case to strap city traffic inquisitor say before this, the unit staff of accident plane passed medical treatment to check before flying to conspicuous of sanded Mu Sha Yi, did not discover any problems, the fuel that the plane uses also accords with a standard.

Aviation says Kejialeimu, mo Fu of aircraft division Nie is seasoned, have flight experience of more than 12000 hours, the experience of A321 plane flight that includes 3860 hours among them.

This plane already served 18 years, going the end of the year passed safe inspection; Russian Federation aviation carries arrange to say, the account that shows this disaster without reason is technical issue or unit staff mistake. Nevertheless, russian Federation carries supervisory bureau to already indicated Kejialeimu aviation suspends using its A321 plane.

Suffer effect of this aviation accident, aviation of A couplet chief of a tribe, France aviation and aviation of German Han Sha announce, stem from safe consideration, the plane below the banner will change course, fly no longer classics on the west Nai peninsula, till prove aviation accident cause.

(Original title: Russia makes public transport of picture of satellite of wreck plane spot to carry victim remains to go back to the motherland)

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