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The autograph will be avoided to enjoy 90 days to linger to foreign tourist during Brazilian Olympic Games period

Brasilia of Xinhua News Agency Brazilian travel department will publish sports special telegram 29 days on October 29 announcement says, this country had won parliament in the law that the label avoided to foreign tourist during the Olympic Games 2016 ginseng is numerous the approval of two courtyards, remain only sign become effective finally by Luosaifu's president.

This law sets, came on June 1, 2016 the foreign tourist that

enters a country during September 18, all can win the treatment that absolve entry visa and lingers 90 days. It not merely the Olympic Games that confine will hold August at watching, and the damage that will hold September abstruse meeting, open to all tourists however.

Announcement says, one-sided is carried out to foreign tourist avoid a label, it is derive 2014 the experience of world cup football match. Will come in June in those days between July, although Brazil is right only,the tourist of hold ball ticket avoids a label, dan Chong exceeds 1 million into the number over there, for 2013 the

corresponding period of 350 thousand person 3 times much.

Brazilian travel department predicts, the foreign tourist number that enters a country during the Olympic Games, affirmative meeting exceeds a world cup greatly, make travel income increases 60% above. The tourist increases will make the industrial benefit related to travel, wait like hotel, meal, traffic, recreation, the economy that gives sink depression brings stimulation.


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