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Sensitive hour will visit commander of U.S. Army Pacific Ocean China department enters 12 sea mile to direct

Reef of the Sha Dao austral me is entered in American warship 12 sea mile, instigate a dangerous game during, 28 days come out to look first again appear as antipathetic as this information: Harris of commander of headquarters of American Pacific Ocean will visit Beijing on November 2.

In the report of outer intermediary, the Harris that has Japanese b

lood relationship appears with the form that sends to Hua Ying mostly, be called to be beautiful naval vessel those who enter operation of 12 sea mile is actual directorial. His coming visit causes all sorts of guessing, but " round-the-world times " the word that the reporter understands from many channel shows, harris' visit is routine visit, with the U.S. Army newest move did not affect directly.

Company of Zhang Jun of researcher of institute of learning of Chinese naval military affairs thinks, it is meddlesome that high level of Sino-US and bilateral army strengthens a contact. Especially square to the United States, can make its understand correctly to be in with look upon China the dim

ension authority of Nanhai acts. Meanwhile, the rich play chess of the United States and China still is continueing, ground of long mild and indirect of beautiful national defence makes clear will act again, and Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs protests arrogate to oneself of beautiful naval vessel two days to enter Nanhai continuously.

Australia " the century signs up for " say, declare voyage freedom to will prove the United States is in preventing China to get on insular reef militarization is serious, but tough to Hua Jiang policy of the United States cannot settle Nanhai challenge, china also won't back down accordingly. (Zhangpeng brightness Li Zhen Qing Mu Xiao Jing of Xing of red of Yuan of Guo of Chen Yibai Yun Yi)


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