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British couple encounters a day to fall " gigantic excrement " weight exceeds 1 jin to break broken housetop

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broken house

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Jisaifu the housetop of Home Fu was bungled to give gap

Information times reports the sky drops meat pie to be opposite no matter integratedly for who, it is a happy thing. But be fallen by the day gigantic excrement is bungled in, knowing to meet is a kind of what kind of mood.

Weight exceeds 1 jin

The intermediary outside occupying reports, a few days ago, british power Er is special county is in to emeritus husband and wife when the home rests, hear a suit blare suddenly, outside be being headed for instantly, the face is examined. Originally they still think is traffic accident went out on the road, outside developing house, discover housetop was bungled to give gap, it is broken completely on the ground falling tile, and an ice and its fragment.

This ice weight exceeds 1 jin, above brown let Fu of an old fellow like me generate suspicion. Look again carefully, they are judged is the excrement and urine that plane place discharges and uric fluid. Man of 70 years old base think of say, we decide it comes from the plane that the sky passes, which can still come otherwise?

Come from the toilet of the plane namely, see that yellow and brown, because excrement and urine and uric fluid fall from headroom, the instant forms ice cube, base think of say then, we want how to be written on insurance policy, are the excrement that is housetop formed to put on the ice and make water bungled bad?

England has 25 similar case every year

Fu decides Jisaifu, will piece of excrement and urine is placed save inside freezer, and file claim for compensation and reparative housetop charge to local insurance company. After insurance company sends personnel to be investigated to their home also be rendered speechless

According to the report, local civil aviation bureau expresses, every year more than 2.5 million planes had flown from British territorial air, but have 25 relevant case only, so this case is belonged to quite infrequent, remain investigation and li Qing Dynasty.

The wife that accident time base considers is in attic, very lucky did not get hurt. She states thank heaven does not have the anybody in be bungled, but we believe this excrement and urine can break a the dead absolutely, at that time is in the morning controlled at 9 o'clock, parents just send children to go to school, break them likely really. The Xin Wangchang in special subject character

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If why the plane handles excrement and urine?

Once direct and exterior

Can say none exaggeratively, the technical evolution of plane processing litter history, it is the developmental course of plane toilet. What American country geography films " the secret of toilet bowl " in mention: The toilet on inchoate plane just receives funnel on pipe, direct plane is exterior; And be in 2 times during big fight, funnel changed bucket, by hapless crewman is in charge of pouring bucket clean in range. Accordingly, come early 20 centuries 449 time, plane toilet is really direct and exterior.

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