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Case of illness of death of Korea emersion MERS is recently 3 many months come first

Breath of middle east of ministry of happiness and benefit of Korea health care is asked for integr

atedly (MERS) central countermeasure cadre says 25 days, korea patient of a MERS died because of complication that day. This is 3 many mo

nths come to Korea recently first MERS death case of illness, make the number that Korea dies because of this one disease rises to 37 people. Han couplet company reports, enrol in this misfortune when 66 years old of patients accompany a wife to head for hospital of SamSung head Er by May, the middle ten days of a month will be affected by diagnose in June MERS virus. During cure, he accepted lobar transplanting operation to detect in virus gene segregation removes after the result shows negative. However, this patient comes after complication, because the illness is exasperate,die at 25 days eventually. Korea will appear this year in May MERS epidemic situation, heretofore already caused 186 people infection, nearly 17 thousand person to accept segregation. At the beginning of this month, gene of a virus after 35 years old of men proclaim recovery because of be in detects show masculine gender again and be admitted to hospital accept segregation treatment. Korea expert concludes, detect the result shows masculine gender, because there is minim virus gene inside patient system,the likelihood is.


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