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Sea of Korea aid city alarm 2 China fishermen says distrain fish the record is disloyal

According to Han Lian the company will report on October 25, office of security of guard of ocean of Korea aid city expresses, 22 days midday 12 when the island returns 40 minutes in aid city block 106 kilometers place intercepts and capture two to be suspected of decreasing illegally on the west register fish the Chinese fisher of the record.

According to the report, these two fisher are Chinese battalion mouth trawlboat

is honorable 58 He Rongyao 39. Among them, honor is in 58 numbers Korea exclusive economic zone (the yellow croaker that EEZ) captures for 4500kg, but in fish be registered on the log for 900kg. Honor fishs 39 numbers 8040kg, fish be registered on the log for 600kg.

Aid city sea alarm already buckled two afore-mentioned fisher at present send to aid city harbor, investigating fisher t

o whether have other illegal item at present.


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