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731 troops join the Japanese army Zhejiang bacterium battle fights command exposure

Xinhua net Harbin on July 7 report (reporter Wang Jian) recently, the collect of cultural relic of bacterial battle document that Sino-Japanese folk saves project of foundation of division of company of 2014 year nation, arrange the come-and-go document that published unit of warfare of bacterium of a batch of Japanese Invading Armies with research task group and command file, among them one is 731 army participate in Zhejiang bacterium battle fight command. The expert expresses, this makes clear the bacterial war that starts to Zhejiang is plan of organization of cadre of Japanese army give advice.

Introduce according to Yang Yanjun of task group controller, archives shows Mei Jinmei of commander-in-chief of army of east of Shanhaiguan orders man in July 1940 25 issued third the 659th command, main content is to command commander of railroad of field operations of army of east of Shanhaiguan to carry railroad of edge of equipment of Nai fine unit, bacterial battle is carried out in preparing to fight in Zhejiang.

Yang Yanjun says, cengyi of the 731st army adds the Japanese Invading Army army of fine of ministry of water supply of epidemic prevention of army of ministry of epidemic prevention of army of luxuriant army, stone well army, east of Shanhai

guan, east of Shanhaiguan, Harbin Nai is a secret to develop an activity. Afore-mentioned names are the code name with 731 not contemporaneous army, nai fine army is the Japanese Invading Army actually the 731st army.

According to foreign writ book publication bureau publishs " before because Japanese army soldier prepares to be accused with use bacterium weapon case trial material " account, careless field air marshal is commander of railroad of field operations of army of east of Shanhaiguan execute afore-mentioned orders, issued the 178th order on July 26, 1946, this command emphasizes carrying goods extreme secret particularly, put forward not to uninstall goods name publicly carry a list inside, is the landline that shows by bungalow station, Shenyang, Tianjin arrives directly at Shanghai only.

Yang Yanjun says, ship special equipment every time, 731 army transfer reliable personnel send under escort, carry a dot to have the 50 much place such as Nanjing, Shanghai. Carry besides railroad outside, 731 army still use a plane to carry many bacterium toward south, preparation has bac

terial fight.

As we have learned, arrived 1939 1945, the army of Japanese army bacterium that with stone of 731 header official Jingsilang is commander in chief is right Zhejiang peaceful wave, thoroughfare and other places of city, Jin Hua, justice black carried out bacterial battle, cause Zhejiang province, Jiangxi province to exceed 2.3 million person to catch epidemic disease, dead number exceeds 650 thousand person.


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