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England is royal and postal for " strategic defense initiative 7 " roll out a commemorative stamp

In report will occupy new network on October 25 outside intermediary reports 24 days, england is royal and postal roll out 18 new stamps to celebrate what be about to show is new piece " strategic defense ini

tiative 7: Raw power arousal " .

This commemorative stamp is included " strategic defense initiative " 9 existing characters in series mix 3 to be about to be in new piece in appearing character.

The Kylo Ren that the Finn that the Rey that new personality content includes to wear benefit of heart of alizarin red thunder to act, Yaohanboyejia acts and Adam De Laifu act.

Be congratulatory stamp roll out, benefit of heart of thunder of British actress Dai Qian and she acts the stamp group photo of part and robot companion BB-8.

Royal and postal roll out at the same time imprint by 6 pieces have " strategic defense initiative " what car and airship stam

p comprise is small-sized piece, setting is the dead heavenly body in the film.

" strategic defense initiative 7: Raw power arousal " will show in England and Ireland on December 17.


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