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Russia will build martial base to say in islands of day Russia controversy " not be secret "

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In report will occupy new network on October 23 outside intermediary report, russia is in or the plan is in arctic build a few new base, it also plans to be in the 1000 islands archipelago that has dominion controversy with Japan (Japan calls north 4 islands, russia says south 1000 islands archipelago) on build base.

Data picture: Local time on September 18, 2015, russia is occupied defend an island, russia department of defe

nse and Russia geography learn to discover remains of soldier of period of World War II and establishment of for military use in place.

According to the report, russia prevents long Shaoyigu to express, russia plans to be in Fulangeer (Wrangel) island, Kejielinei (Kotelny) island and Schmidt horn (the martial base with new build of Cape Schmidt) and other places.

He says: We do not regard a secret as this. We had built a base in new Siberia archipelago. This is a large martial base, russia times is done not have.

He still says, russia also plans to be in 1000 islands (Kurile) archipelago (Japan calls north 4 islands, russia says south 1000 islands archipelago) on build base.

1000 islands archipelago is located in examine of can of Russian far east to add peninsula and Japanese Hokkaido between. Russia is called with Etorofu island after square the Habomai of an archipelago south, lubricious red, country south 1000 islands archipelago, japan says for north 4 islands.

Since World War II ends, russian day two countries is in all the time the conflict on attributive problem does not leave 4 islands.

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