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In Indian new moral character one 2 years old half young Tong Heyi name 5 years old female child rape

According to Xinhua News Agency client of Xin Huaguo border carries a story, indian police says 17 days, 16 days of evening in capital new moral character produce rape record two cases, the victim is respectively 2 years old half young child with 5 years old female child.

Police says, this 2 years old half young child rape that evening when the amuse oneself outside the door by two men. This young child after be missing 3 hours about, be by its family inside one park find, she already lost consciousness at that time. At present police is being carried out to the suspect capture.

Occupy police additionally to tell Afp, be in another case in the case, 5 years old female child be enticed in neighbour home, rape by turns by 3 men. At present police already arrested these 3 men.

The rape proposal that chief minister Aerwendekaijieliwaer wei

ghs 16 days to happen in heart makes a person ashamed mix anxious.

Be in this month 9 days of evening, xin Deli 4 years old female child after be being sufferred to be weighed by a rape of 26 years old of men, be discarded to be in near train rail in brushwood, favour is discovered to send a hospital by passerby, collect an one lot.

Bureau of archives of Indian country crime is newest issuance year report shows, india produced rape record 33707 cases in all 2014, increase than going up one year 9% , inadequacy is 18 the age that has 14102 victims years old, belong to minor. Distributing from district in light of, amount of record of the rape in capital new moral character is amounted to 1813 cases, house India first of each city, of finance Bombay 607. Startling is, the rape case of 86% is commit the crime by acquaintance, for example leader of father, brother, relationship between cousins of the same grandfather or great-grandfather, neighbour, unit, colleague and friend.


December 2012, a female undergraduate of 23 years old of college of medicines is raped by turns on a bus in new moral character by 6 men, the injury is not treated again. This one incident causes large-scale display one's strength of Indian whole nation, force a government to publish the relevant legislation that includes death penalty inside in order to punish lubricious monster. Since then, many civilian groups and public project increase conduct propaganda, encourage woman victim to dare to stand, seek the person that commit the crime through legal measure punish.


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