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England prohibits the student says to take sexual distinction to discriminate against a word to include " to resemble a man "

In report will occupy new network on October 19 wide news network reports in Taiwan, british Ministry of Education informs each of elementary school, do not let a student say the woman, word that resembles the belt such as a man sexual distinction is discriminated against.

2015-10-19 15:13 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Japanese government response installs times cabinet official to do obeisance to organized body of pacify country mind: Department individual behavior (graph)

In report will occupy new network on October 19 day intermediary report, oblation of consecrate of organized body of mind of country of the Xiang Jing before bringing times advance 3 days around premier reachs his two ministerial members head for be related of pay homage to, room of Japanese ministerial official says on the press conference that magisterial Jian Yiwei holds 19 days this month, install times. . .

2015-10-19 15:12 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Mexico appears in one river ancient church fisherman: It has seen 13 years ago (graph)

According to stage intermediary report, mexican case just Paasche city (Chiapas) Lihaerwa river (Grijalba) surface appears suddenly a wall the mottled, ancient church that builds broken, show slightly ghastly. So this is to sink to offer as a gift at the 16 centuries cathedral of benthic all the year round. . .

2015-10-19 15:11 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Female reporter Sa misses a plane to die with bootlace hang oneself suddenly before BBC (graph)

The member that BBC is stationed in local specially appointed expresses, detailed circumstance still needs farther knowledge.

2015-10-19 15:10 origin: ? ㄍ of discharge  felt?
Polish " house of vent one's anger " for the client solution pressing pays cost to be able to be bungled at will into the room (graph)

The intermediary outside occupying will report on October 17, roach of polish industry city (Lodz) appeared of late play room of meaning vent one's anger newly (Rage Room) , the guest should pay cost to enter this room only, can defeat at will. . .

2015-10-19 15:04 origin: ? Does  try know well?
One graph understands graphic England army in ounce army concerns (graph)

One graph understands graphic England army in ounce army concerns

2015-10-19 14:54 origin: ? Huge rock of dazzle blade contraction?
The man that Korea of fashionable of program of male cate arrange is cooking is the sexiest

According to " Washington Post " will report on October 17, nowada

ys the arrange of Korea kind TV put together art appeared in the program new element: The male. In Korea program " Olive Show " in a medium setting, when wearing white coverall, collocation. . .

2015-10-19 14:53 origin: ? Huge rock of dazzle blade contraction?
One bridegroom break an agreement of American sends wedding to cancel bridal mother to ask tramp to enjoy dinner

In report will occupy new network on October 19 outside intermediary report, american California is about to enter the people of a new type of the auditorium one pair, because of bridegroom break an agreement, wedding cancels, the person that bridal mother decides those who ask place is homeless enjoys dinner. Bridegroom break an agreement sends wedding to cancel, . . .

2015-10-19 11:56 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Accident of heavy boat of mosquito craft of Wu Kelan happening causes 14 people to die (graph)

Wu Kelan comes to help video check scheme of the branch shows the person that be rescued is come to help the case when the ship carries the coast. At present Wu Kelan authorities already launched investigation to heavy boat accident. The oriole date coxswain that produces an accident already was detained by police, but. . .

2015-10-19 11:52 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Exposure of picture of spot of ceremony of welcome of chairman of be used to of rehearsal of cavalry of British royal family (group plan)

 Occupy story of acoustical small gain, xi Jinping of Chinese state chairman will have state visit to England on invitation, cavalry armed escort is royal parade factory also is the start that welcomes a ceremony at the appointed time. The reporter sees, cavalry is practicing, still have those who look so that be obsessed with is small. . .

2015-10-19 11:36 origin: ? Kun of wooden tablets or slips for writing?
: of Japanese maritime parade? Pigheaded barium of my perch level ground identifies beautiful aircraft carrier of come across of? of な  makings

In new network on October 18 message, 3 years for a time type of maritime view naval vessel is in Japanese militia that day photograph model bay is held, the can of activity of this large-scale maritime parade that day says picked all go out, revealed Japan to include newest equipment painstakingly. . .

2015-10-19 11:33 origin: ? Huge rock of dazzle blade contraction?
In Indian new moral character 2 years old half young Tong Heyi name 5 years old female child rape

According to Xinhua News Agency client of Xin Huaguo border carries a story, indian police says 17 days, 16 days of evening in capital new moral character produce rape record two cases, the victim is respectively 2 years old half young child with 5 years old female child. Police says, this 2 years old half young child when. . .

2015-10-19 11:18 origin: ? Salary  ?
One park mice is new York have a citizen: It sits in the chair classy you

Occupy American media 18 days to report, to American Newyork city for a lot of people, in current person rat big fight, mice is winning victory. Of Newyork city complain a hotline successive two years record-breaking: Every year more than 24 thousand person is cast. . .

2015-10-19 10:45 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Is the White House rental " Lincoln bedroom " ? Aobama says so that ask Michelle

According to central company report, when CEO Jisiji talked with American president Aobamahui a few days ago, Airbnb puts forward, hope the White House can offer Lincoln bedroom entry Airbnb rental. Allegedly, aobama replies so that ask. . .

2015-10-19 10:44 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Exceed strong typhoon " gigantic the rank of nobility " land Philippine on 10 thousand people are scattered take refugee (graph)

 Local time on October 18 before dawn, nip of typhonic gigantic the rank of nobility takes blast to land Philippine Luzon north to block Xigulan (Casiguran) , coastal thousands of dweller is already scattered. According to Philippine atmosphere bureau the warning says, . . .

2015-10-19 10:28 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Beautiful Florida city " corpse section " produce pop case to send 1 dead 5 injuries

China News Service rests police of state of Florida of electric United States will affirm Si Dui 18 days on October 18, the corpse part that holds at plum Ye Si Bao on the weekend originally (Zombicon) produces deadly pop record, cause 1 person death, 5 people are injured, cause the spot to mix. . .

2015-10-19 10:27 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Accident of Wu Kelan heavy boat 14 people die 22 people are rescued shipowner misses

The news that according to Wukelan website of national emergency bureau announces 18 days, city of Sa of heart of black south Ao plunges into much gram to press down bank of the Black Sea the 18 day happening around a mosquito craft is sunken accident, cause 14 people death. Plunging into much gram to press down is Wu Kelan's person most the travel that love is spent. . .

2015-10-19 10:23 origin: ? Salary  ?
Japan weighs gigantic bear 3 meters 0.4 tons high to be shot to kill one palm to be able to pat a deer dead

According to harbor intermediary report, japanese Hokkaido grain fastens cropland of rice of a millet of city, early before the big brown bear that appears to heft 400 kilograms only is in forage. As a result of brown bear body model exceed tremendous, hunter assistance requests instantly after local farmer discovers, shoot it finally kill. Have an expert. . .

2015-10-19 10:19 origin: ? Is border of play broadleaf plant inclined?
Group plan: Cantabrigian college student sees the New Year in evil do new student spot to learn younger sister to want to learn to grow lick a bosom

According to England " daily Post " report, cantabrigian university was held a few days ago see the New Year in activity, learn firewater of guzzle of new student of long, requireme

nt learning elder sister not less, till vomiting till. Have the cream before learning to grow a requirement to learn ground of younger sister genuflect to lick him bosom even.

2015-10-19 09:52 origin: ?  ?


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