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Polish " house of vent one's anger " for the client solution pressing pays cost to be able to be bungled at will into the room (graph)

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The intermediary outside occupying will report on October 17, roach of polish industry city (Lodz) appeared of late play room of meaning vent one's anger newly (Rage Room) , the guest should pay cost to enter this room only, can destroy the any in the room at will, include television, phone, computer and lamp, and every half hours collect fees only 35 euro (make an appointment with a RMB 253 yuan) .

Polish businessman Hoffman establishs house of vent one's anger, the guest can break thing solution to press at will inside. (webpage cut pursues)

Patriarch Hoffman (Zdzislaw Hoffman) express, broken bastard has profit actually, the person that can let those wanting that break a thing not only has the medium of communication that abreact, and also can make them successfully sober come down finally. He says: The tea

m that I often hear of to some fan love because of oneself was defeated the match to break sodden TV, but sober later the behavior that is oneself however feels regret, they need not regret now, because they break the TV that sodden is not him!

Install to ensure complete, every enter the arena destructive client should wear safety helmet, protect lens, choose oneself weapon, wait like bat, hammer, ax. Enter a room in, no matter TV, mirror, cup still is a table, the goods that all inside putting allows to hit allow to fall. Hoffman says, the thing inside the house is normally answer wind up from resource or be a net go up of free fetch, so the guest can abreact at will. (grain of rice)

(original title: House of polish vent one's anger presses television furniture to be bungled at will for client solution (graph) )

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