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Teach Zhang Hao to be allowed to enlarge territory by university of beautiful sequestered Tianjin

According to " round-the-world times " the message that newest understanding goes to, the Tianjin university that because just be accused by the United States,be economic spy and is acted by limitation teachs Zhang Hao to be allowed to enlarge territory at present.

This case insider expresses, at present Zhang Hao can be in at 2 o'clock to afternoon at 10 o'clock every morning boreal California swing. And before this, zhang Hao's territory is confined to his to be near Shan Jingcheng's abode only. This insider expresses, common limitation can relax slowly, but because the sweetheart of Mr. Zhang Hao must go back to the motherland because of visa problem,basically be this, a lot of business him need handle the teache

r, buy dish to wait for instance.

This year on May 16, instrument of Tianjin university nicety and Zhang Hao of professor of photoelectron project college are in suffer in way of international microwave conference playing toward American phoenix

city before inviting, be arrested at los angeles International Airport enters a country, be plotted with economic spy by beautiful square confederative inquisitor (secret of trade of Conspiracy To Commit Economic Espionage) , filch is conspiratorial (the accusation such as Conspiracy To Commit Theft Of Trade Secret) is sued, there still is this school in the 5 people that are prosecuted at the same time two teachers.

With economic spy in the light of the United States the blame sues Chinese citizen belong to the same organization, hong Lei of spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be in on May 20 when ask answering on routine press conference, express, chinese government is deeply concerned badly to concerning situation, understanding concerned situation further. Hong Lei expresses, chinese government will ensure Chinese citizen interacts to just when rights and interests is not damaged,be killed mediumly in Sino-US personnel. [annals of Fan Ling of reporter of coverage of round-the-world times, round-the-world network]

(original title: Be allowed to enlarge territory by Zhang Hao of professor of college of beautiful sequestered Tianjin)


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