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Hurricane " Patelixia " Mexico of indulge in wilful persecution is destroyed did not anticipate serious (graph)

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In report will occupy new network on October 26 outside intermediary report, mexico experienced all through the ages of the Western Hemisphere a few days ago the strongest hurricane Patelixia, nevertheless this state institute suffers destroy what did not worry before people is early is serious. After the Xia Sui in handkerchief spy abate for tropical depression, to the United States the city causes Dekesasi a few losses.

Data chart: A of Mexican travel resort blocks beach of general Er division, the pedestrian absorbs fresh gale wave in beach arsis. International hurricane center expresses, patelixia will make throughout history, land Mexican Pacific Ocean coastal the most intense hurricane.

According to the report, patelixia is the strongest storm that all through the ages ascends America mainland, not bad it is in a quite run-down area to land, the area with Mex concentrated mouth was not invaded.

Local climate expert thinks, mexico each are big the city has high mountain protective screen, they weaken this hurricane power, the town that makes these population concentrated has avoided one disaster. Authorities beforehand scattered dweller, upper low pressure forces hurricane change its course, these also reduced Patelixia destroy force.

Nevertheless, center of American country hurricane points out, patelixia still can bring the rainfall that is as high as 50 centimeters, these rainfall may create the flood of safety of enough menace life and mud-rock flow.

Mexican president earths up the Buddhist nun inferi

or 25 days be opposite through gregarious website before this Mex civilian expressive gratitude, when in Mexico the division Lima city western inspects the situation of a disaster, he expresses: The most important is everybody does not have a thing in safety, you are faced bravely and overcame the risk that this powerful hurricane brings successfully, more important is everybody comply with the directive of urgent service department.

Although overall case is better than what worry before people is early, but Mexico of place of the Xia Dengliu in handkerchief spy the situation of a disaster of administrative division of Ha Lisi division western is serious.

After enroach on Mexico, patelixia is abate for tropical depression, the Dekesasi that enters the United States city. According to the report, the United States gets a state many areas are wided, cause the train off the rails, freeway is shut, airliner grounding of aircraft, a few dwellers are forced scattered.

Occupy local TV station to report, get a state rainfall reachs a lot of areas on the weekend 33 centimeters, sinkage area accumulates full rainwater. The Shengandongni

ao in the city is southwest ministry city, 1 person is swept by the flood. The Jiaerweisidu of Mexican bay area, nearly 4000 dwellers already were asked scattered. The rainstorm still is brought about cease interstate freeway of Dalasi shuts Si Duizhi, dalasina ministry train of a freight is off the rails, dalasi - Wo Sibao International Airport 260 many airliners are cancelled.

Local atmosphere branch is forecasted, get a state 26 days weather is bad still, include to rest Si Dui inside southeast ministry area will still have heavy rain, local authorities appeals the dweller maintains high vigilance.

(original title: Mexico of indulge in wilful persecution of the summer in handkerchief spy destroys hurricane to did not anticipate serious)

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