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Because nuclear radiation contracts cancer,the employee before nuclear power plant of island of blessing of Japanese first place affirms

Japanese government affirms 20 days, because an employee that works in blessing island nuclear power plant before gets nuclear radiation and contract cancer. This is Japanese government announces what cause because of radiate of blessing island nuclear power plant to contract cancer first exemple.

Japanese respect says, this man employee is many years old 40, but did not publish other individual information. He has won approval, the filling indemnity that can get Japanese government provides.

According to Xin Huaguo border client carries understanding, this stuff came to worked in blessing island nuclear power plant in December 2013 in October 2012, the nuclear reactor that is attaint installs shield. Nuclear power plant of eliminate blessing island, he still has worked in other nuclear power plant. But official of a Japan shows, this employee got in all 19.8 fine long hair the radiate of Sievtert, among them the majority comes from blessing island nuclear rad


The expert says, this employee affirms suffer from on hematic cancer, just ring alarm bell noisy for day. 2011 blessing island nuclear power plant is sufferred because of earthquake and seismic sea wave after inflicting heavy losses on, more than 170 employee ever w

ere risking the tall radiate risk that exceeds standard level to work. According to the view of Tokyo power company, nearly 45 thousand employee participated in nuclear power plant to clear the job, made an appointment with accumulative total of half the number to be exceeded 5 a unit of length among them the radiate of Sievtert.

Associated press report, have researcher discovery, be in blessing island area, the thyroid cancer incidence of a disease in child child has elevatory tendency. Nevertheless, also somebody is refuted say, the reason that this one phenomenon appears depends on, after leak of blessing island nucleus, place strengthened the sieve to cancer to check, bring about case of illness of a few previous hidden to be discovered.

In the record before, go up century since 70 time, japan adds up to to because was brought about a disease to get the government is compensated by radiation,still have 13 people. After leak of blessing island nuclear power plant, outside dividing this stuff that already got approving, the government still received 10 compensation application, among them 7 out of court, 3 still are in process of examine and verify.

According to relevant provision, if because radiation sicken applies for governmental compensation,want, need satisfies two fundamental requirements: It is applicant year accumulative total is estimated more than 5 a unit of weight by radiation Sievtert, 2 it is a disease after appearing in applicant to contact radiation more than one year first.


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