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Does NASA detector pass Pluto colour to illuminate: ? Is ㄍ of  of Piao of flavour of bad box of  history Gou slash?

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The intermediary outside occupying reports, bureau of American space navigation (the newest picture that detector of date of NASA) new view sends shows, the exterior color of Pluto is rich, also have the landform of the diversification such as iceberg, Campagna, make a scientist exclaim unceasingly.

According to the exploration task result that publishs first, pluto (Pluto) surface presents a variety of color. Its equator is cardinal, taller latitudinal and upper color is lighter and slant blue. The scientist did not understand the color of Pluto in the past.

The surface of Pluto not only have rich color, also have the landform of diversification.

Chromatic picture is filmed by detector of new view date. (picture origin: NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI)

Data chart: Pluto certificate is illuminated.

Puluotuopapa says the assistant researcher that Maryland university astronomy fastens: See so diversiform surface color and rich geology, let me feel very amazed.

Publish in " scientific journal " new chromophotograph is video be by new view date the much frequency visible light of detector chart is video diagnose implement (MVIC) films.

Pluto is one of the most mysterious heavenly bodies in solar system. 1930, rich of American astronomer soup affirms the small spot of solar system brim is Pluto, label it the 9th major planet of solar system. 2006, because orbit configuration is idiosyncratic,be demoted to be short planet.

Detector of new view date enters the space 9 years, wade even more after 5 billion kilometer, will fly across Pluto on July 14 this year, first degrees reveal its mystery aspect for the scien


It is reported, new view date flies across Pluto, observe above have the topping iceberg and ridge, Campagna that on any account rises and fall, still iceberg float is in in lake of ice of solid state nitrogen. Bureau of American space navigation says: What the

bulk of Pluto also thinks than scientist place is even big, the ice over there is more than what anticipate also.

Read related: NASA announces newest Pluto video existence blue sky and red water ice (graph) date of 2015-10-10 new view is newest high-definition group plan shows the picture Pluto is distinctive Pluto of snakeskin landforms 2015-09-28 pursues newly announce complex landforms is tremendous firn is surrounded by aerolite hole (group plan) Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2015-09-12 news recreation

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