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India one woman is confiscated by the husband because of malcontent mobile phone hang oneself commit suicide

The intermediary outside occupying reports, india produced the tragedy that causes because of playing a mobile phone together a few days ago, wo

man of a newly-married confiscates her mobile phone because of malcontent husband and hang oneself commit suicide.

According to the report, the husband of Apaerna of 20 years old is driver of a truck. Because the husband leaves home for long,work, apaerna is forced to play gregarious website goof with the mobile phone. This month 12 days, apaerna's husband is in the home inaccessibly, but Apaerna however because play a mobile phone desolate the husband, as a result her mobile phone is given birth to by the heart not the husband of angry is confiscated. 2 people of h

usband and wife produce brawl because of this matter, apaerna is him lock later in the room, reject to open the door. After period of time, the man feels the situation is bad, excommunicate enters a room, discover a wife actually hang oneself. The husband sends Apaerna toward the hospital hastily, nevertheless cure protects personnel to confirm she has died.

According to the report, after be informed a wife to die, apaerna's husband is hit, the purpose jumps down commit suicide from the balcony in the home, favour obtains family to prevent.


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