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The engine in Iranian plane flight drops latest news: Safe already distress landing

The plane that Iran carries 426 passengers produces the accident that an engine drops 15 days when the flight local time, what what I hope is a plane subsequently safe distress landing, did not cause personal casualty.

The report says, the chief of privately owned airline that this airliner place belongs to says, those who have an accident is a Boeing 747 model plane, after taking off about 2 minutes from Teheran airport, air man report says a plane to 3 engine share drops and break airframe bad. Subsequently, plane immediately retrorse crash at the airport.

Airline respect says, the plane produced an accident 7:15 in the morning local time, dan Fei machine undertook before take off routine is checked, did not discover unusual situation. Current, iranian aviation branch already intervened investigation.

Outspread read: Iran one Boeing the engine in 747 flights falls off spot pi

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