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Burmese and grand hold countrywide cease-fire agreement to sign ceremonial peace process to gain substantial headway

Report will occupy xinhua net Beijing on October 15 end of client of Xin Huaguo border reports Xinhua News Agency, agreement of cease-fire of Burmese whole nation signs a ceremony to will be compared inside on October 15 hold ceremoniously, sign formally of the agreement, the mark is worn Burmese peace process gains historic essence headway.

Commander-in-chief of Burmese president Wu Dengcheng, national defence army quick sign on the countrywide cease-fire agreement that holds Lai and leader of 8 ethical armed organizations high to be in this to be reached via nearly two years of peace talks.

8 armed organizations include alliance of nation of gram human relations, democratic Ke Lun liberation army of nation of buddhism army, gram human relations (peaceful committee) , whisk state rebuilds committee (south whisk state army) , suddenly Europe nation liberates an organization, .

Wu Dengcheng says on signing ceremony, burmese peace gate continues to open wide. He appeals the ethical organization that did not sign countrywide cease-fire agreement signs an agreement, hope the joint efforts begins to leave level politics conversation, with period the goal that achieves Burmese and permanent peace.

Delegate of Sun Guoxiang of ambassador-at-large of general affairs of Asia of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and U.N. , European Union, India, Thailand, Japan and multilateral halt Burmese and ambassadorial represent with all possible means with Burmese home etc attend consultative signing ceremony.

Banquet of the leader of an alliance of countrywide democratic couplet holds Shan Suji high to did not attend consultative signing ceremony.

15 when Burmese govern

ment ever just expressed publicly to invite the government to approbate armed organizations attend sign an agreement, but report according to local media, many armed organization fails to include because of the government all armed organizations participate in an autograph to wait to reject to sign consequently formerly about.

Public opinion notices, countrywide cease-fire agreement signs eve, burmese whisk state and and other places of the state that overcome admire often produce governmental army and nation to arm the armed conflict between.

Burmese since becoming independent 1948 oneself, put in size all the time a few minority arm. Since Wu Dengcheng government was in office in March 2011, reiterate for many times carry out a nation to reconcile course.

Came in November 2013 this year August, gov

ernment and people arm held peace talks 9 rounds, strike agreement of cease-fire of calm whole nation finally, but armed organization can sign consultative issue to go up to still be put in difference in what.

According to peace talks agreement and arrangement, after countrywide cease-fire agreement is signed formally, burmese will enter phase of collective politics dialog as soon as possible, strive for implementation lasting peace. (reporter Zhang Yunfei, client of Xin Huaguo border carries a story)

Original title: Burmese and grand hold countrywide cease-fire agreement to sign a ceremony


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