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Beautiful intermediary: Russia is stationed in area of appraise diplomatic mission to assault assembly personnel to escape broadcast

Will report on October 13 according to associated press, russia is stationed in Damascus diplomatic mission to make a surprise attack by two rocket. Hundreds public figure that supports Syrian government is at that time outside the house assembly, to Russia intervening Syria situation expresses to support.

The report says, after the first rocket falls into diplomatic mission courtyard, people escapes broadcast. Meanwhile, the 2nd falls into this area once more. Current, still do not have clear casualties to report.

As we have learned, the opposition of Syrian capital suburb regards Russia embassy as punching bag all the time before this, but at present still ambiguous the assembly personnel that makes a surprise attack

this to whether be aimed at supportive Syria government. (round-the-world net reports reporter Bai Xue)

Outspread read: Response of Russian square diplomat is stationed in appraise incident makes a surprise attack near embassy: Be stationed in Syrian diplomatic mission to assault detail exposure near future to ever encountered assault dispatch

by artillery shell without casualties Russia: Russia is stationed in Syrian Damascus diplomatic mission to make a surprise attack by two rocket


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