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Beautiful book Chinese murders 5 relatives to obtain punishment 125 years case detail exposure (graph)

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One is called Chen Mingdong (sound) Chinese immigrant murders 5 kin in American new York, accusation holds water, be sentenced at least 125 years to imprison.

Beautiful book Chinese murders 5 relatives to be sentenced 125 years

Old it is 27 years old, 7 days of Li Qiao of expressing elder brother's wife when admitting Ceng Yu was murdered in October 2013 are true (sound) . Be killed together still have plum 4 children, the Lin Da that is 9 years old respectively, Amy of 7 years old, Kevin of 5 years old and 18 Williams with big month. Old be sentenced 125 years

finally to imprison, and do not get release on probation. Sentence when, old did not make apparent response.

In October 2013 before case hair, chen Yi classics is in Yubulukelin stayed in Li Wei in the home of sunset park a week. On October 27 in the evening, plum phone far the mother that is in China, the knife is held to browbeat in saying Chen Zaijia the life of she and children is safe. The mother cries for in what the child can hear even in the phone sound, the kin that immediately gives new York people call ask for help. Kin people when arriving, li He 4 children had died, old blood is dripping on the body. Police says, 5 deads go up to all many is in a knife wound personally, guttural, cervical the knife cuts a trace.

Chen Sheng calls him the success that immigrant of envious and other China gains, commit murder so. Kin people express, chen Ciqian ever worked in much home cafeteria but all be dismissed. Nevertheless, check just thinks old commit the crime motive still is a mystery. Victim plum the husband did not publish a comment.

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