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Because 720 jins of fatso of American reduce weight when eat door be evictioned by the hospital stealthily

Login is: of origin of door be evictioned by the hospital eaten stealthily when because reduce weight,registering 720 jins of fat person of United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian?  tries know well?2015-10-08 15:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http:// channel

According to England " daily Post " will report on October 7, city of island of American collect heart overcomes Lansidu city (Cranston)33 year old A Sang carries man Steven (Steven Assanti) weight is close 720 jins, all the time hospitalization, outside because be in a hospital,be being ordered recently, sell wrap around Sa, disobey remedial food to become addiction (of Eating Addiction) nurse plan and be driven out of a hospital, be arranged finally by father live in oneself cross-country car.

In the cross-country car that A Sang shifts (webpage check scheme)

Asangdi thes prefecture where the provincial capital is located in city of collect heart island Puluoweidengsi (food of the cure in the hospital of Providence) becomes addiction. In the past a few the middle of a month, he decreased 9 kilograms only. Recently because he is ordered outside sell wrap around Sa, disobeyed a hospital nurse plan, be driven out of a hospital.

Asangdi says: I know this is disease of a kind of addiction, it is a kind of disease. He returns an explanation to say, he answers originally all the time be in hospital drops till weight reach 250 kilograms, can accept gastric billabong operation at the appointed time.

Asangdi's father says, he cannot receive the son come home, because the son may resume the dietary habit previously afresh, but he also does not know how to should be done. Final, father discharges Asangdian in its on cross-country car, express to should open a car to taking a son to seek permanent means of settlement. They went Kent hospital, but be prohibited be over there pass the night. A worker tells this hospital them, in north Ateerbaile (North Attleborough) can get assistance probably. The two hospitals that will head for this area next seek father and son help.

After media reported his difficult position, asangditong crossed

Facebook to thank the person that supports his. He expresses in a paragraph of video: The hope is in before long future, I can acquire active follow-up o

peration reducing weight. (Willow)

A Sang carries this answering all the time be in hospital, but because eat stealthily,wrap around however Sa is compelled to leave hospital (webpage check scheme)

Asangdi's father expresses, he cannot receive the son come home, because he may resume the dietary habit before afresh at this point.

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