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The U.S. Army admits air attack " does not have national boundaries doctor " say Ying Afu sweat asks to undertake

The message will occupy Beijing of center extensive network on October 7 Chinese sound " news late height " report, this month 3, be located in city of Afghan elder brother without national boundaries doctor constituent hospital suffers U.S. Army air attack, cause the 22 people death that includes staff member and disease to suffer from inside finally. After the accident, international society a condemn, american president Aobama is affirmatory investigate thorough this matter.

American army was changed 6 numbers accessary damage say decline, weigh what the requirement of sweat government undertakes to air attack is Ying Afu, shifted this one responsibility Afghan government directly.

6, north is stationed in Afghan army about the hearing that supreme commander writings brush Campbell attended senatorial war council about. He admits an U.S. Army on the hearing by accident scamper the traumatic center that rescuing organiz

ation of international medical treatment does not have national boundaries doctor, express, this group moves the request that is respect of Ying Afu sweat to make.

Campbell expresses, 3 that day, afghan respect says to receive local gunfire assault, xiang Meijun requests air force to help. For menace of class of cleared tower benefit, the U.S. Army launched air attack, bring about a few civilian to be raided accidentally however.

The view of American army brings about instantly the denial of Afghan army. Deputy spokesman of Afghan department of defense amounts to Wulaite - express in made of baked clay aid, a just did not ask U.S. Army bomb is civilian target.

The Wright that amount to fierce - say in made of baked clay aid, do not have Afghan to be able to accept pair of civilian to have assault, afghan department of defense also cannot be accepted. In the action of each district, because act to get hurt or die,can accept a soldier. But can not use heavy-duty weapon, missile, air attack, go assaulting civilian, can not do those things.

Rescuing organization of international medical treatment says 3 numbers without national boundaries doctor, all evidence show, the north that gives priority to with the United States is stationed in Afghan army opportunity for combat about before dawn is accurate that day bomb orgnaization of aid of humane medical treatment is located in this one international Afghanistan offsprings a hospital of person city, 4 this organizations make a statement, affirm Afghanistan offsprings person the dead number in bomb already rose traumatic center to 22 people, include staff member of 12 this organizations to mix among them include 3 children inside 10 patients. At first, the explanation that American army gives out is U.S. Army opportunity for combat may be caused accessary damage, but this one view refutes without national boundaries doctor by. The Zhan Sen that is in charge of should organizing operation this say to media, the U.S. Army's bomb allows to hit for essence of life.

Johnson this express, the orgnaization already had 4 years over, scale is very large, a football ground returns area ratio big, and ever told Afghanistan all conflict exact location for many times square, do not un

derstand why to can produce this kind of job really so, the what that before also won't be being accepted absolutely, hears is accessary those who damage say decline.

According to the report, when bomb, 105 patients and family member are shared inside the hospital, and many 80 international or local cure protects personnel. The building after the accident is immersed in an a sea of fire. The person that there is action capacity in the hospital removes two blindage quickly. But, the patient that cannot act can lie on sickbed only, be burned dead by while still alive.

Johnson this say, the plane when the accident circles in hospital upper part, and came 45 times, hit the main building of medical establishment accurately every time.

Afghan army and U.S. Army stick to his argument, is the truth of incident what kind of?

Li Shaoxian analysis weighs expert of middle east problem, by accident scamper is afraid was to appear to coordinate an issue. American also is not willing to carry this black boiler on the back. By accident when scamper incident just came out, afghan government does his utmost to want to be cast aside clear, be being told hastily is by accident scamper, and think that place is to have Taliban, so the U.S. Army goes scamper. Actually both sides thinks a thing to mask deceive past. But as international society pressure bigger and bigger, began to be bitten each other now, actually the truth tends clear. Why is this organized without national boundaries doctor namely telling all the time, it is not bomb round, 15 minutes come, 15 minutes come, several rounds. By bomb when, this organization ever went to the U.S. Army report, the requirement stops, but did not stop from beginning to end. There is a problem apparently by the side of here.

Without national boundaries doctor the organization has asked by international the orgnaization launchs independent investigation to this. Campbell of commander of the U.S. Army that be stationed in A expresses, u.S. Army respect has expedited brigadier Li Jijin to head for elder brother person city, investigate this to have event. In addition, government of He Afu sweat is undertaking unit of assistance of security of the international that be stationed in A be investigated severally. Li Shaoxian thinks, although the truth is closer and closer, but incident will still end up with nothing definite finally.

Li Shaoxian says, afghan government archenemy is current, taliban atttacks elder brother city, will 14 years hold city of a provincial capital for the first time, this is an extremely big thing to Afghan government. Afghanistan is in sensitive period, u.S. Army and north make an appointment with army to remove army shortly, afghan government can transfer smoothly come down, it is a very big test. In this moment Taliban atttacks elder brother city is a very big blow to Afghanistan, so it is eager to hope for success, want to give class of Afghan tower benefit as soon as possible drive away, appeared such thing. To consequence, according to the experience previously, be afraid be being returned finally is to end up with nothing definite.


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