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Nobel literature award announced time 2015 Chinese writer will nominate on October 8 list

According to news of network of nobel prize official, nobel prize announced a ceremony to be held in succession since now 2015. According to arrangement, this year each award announce time to will last to October 12 all the time from today. List of nobel prize gainer was in 2015 collect, the welcome surrounds view ~

The uncertain all the time Nobel literature award before this announces time to already also decided: On October 8.

Learn courtyard and commissioner of Nobel literature award from Swedish article according to cite message of respect of PeterEnglund of can standing secretary says, nuo award primary election has 210 writers to be seleted this year. Outside dividing the Chun Shu on Japanese writer village, island of Wang Anyi, north, Zhang Yi one, just square, Zhang Yi and, A comes, Gu Ping sunken, Su Tong, Yanlianke, Zhang Yue wait for 10 Chinese writers obtain like that.

Soup dark road appeared a gr

oup to released list of award of year quotation laurel recently, this also is regarded to be award of a Nuo forecasts list. Again a Chinese appears in this list this year, he is Wang Zhonglin of academician of foreign nationality of professor of American Zun Zhiya technical institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Add: Announce time

Physiological or medical award: On October 5

Physics award: On October 6

Chemical award: On October 7

Literary award: On October 8

Peaceful prize: On Octob

er 9

Economics award: On October 12


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